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1. Etiology for specific phobias is best described by

Customer Question

1. Etiology for specific phobias is best described by _______ characteristics.
A. aggressive
B. sociocultural
C. child and environmental
D. heredity and phenotypeYounger onset of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) has been associated with which comorbidity?
A. Conduct disorder
B. Specific phobias
C. School refusal
D. Separation anxiety disorderMark for review (Will be highlighted on the review page)
10. Which of the following statements about the prevalence of obsessive compulsive disorder is true?
A. Adults with OCD are predominately female.
B. Childhood onset of OCD is more common in males.
C. 80% of adults with OCD report childhood onset.
D. Onset for females tends to be earlier than for males.14. The most common form of depression in adolescents is
A. copy cat modeling famous suicides.
B. contagion, following the crowd.
C. melancholic.
7. Which medication has been successful in reducing symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?
B. OxyContin
C. Acetaminophen
D. MAO inhibitors
D. reactive to situation.Mark for review (Will be highlighted on the review page)
11. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is often referred to as _______ anxiety.
A. manifest
B. avoidant
C. latent
4. In adolescents, the most common comorbid associations with depression include all of the following, except
B. substance and eating disorders.
C. behavior disorders.
D. intellectual disabilities
D. free floating8. In addition to excessive worry, a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in children requires _______ somatic symptom/symptoms.
A. two
B. three
C. four
D. one12. Of all the therapies that are used to treat unipolar depression in youth, the most common therapeutic approach is
A. family systems.
B. humanistic.
C. psychodynamic.
D. cognitive behavioral.
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Expert:  Grace replied 2 months ago.

Hi, I may be able to help. Could you please send me a link to your text book ?