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Due Date 11-8-16 Scenario: The application of encryption to

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Due Date 11-8-16Scenario:The application of encryption to sensitive data and PII is well known for typical applications, such as databases, containing customer or patient data. Not as well-known is the growing need for encryption of cellular traffic. Older 2G/3G cellular networks used telecom-grade technologies that were not as well understood as IP-based networks and which deployed encryption at the radio network layer. In a modern LTE cellular network, IP-based backhaul traffic is typically unencrypted and frequently uses the public Internet for transportation between base stations.Instructions:Following the process described in the “Conducting Research” document in Doc Sharing, write a 5–6-page research paper that examines a minimum of three methods for securing LTE traffic through the use of encryption. Be sure to expand on particular vulnerabilities of LTE traffic that travels across an all IP-based backhaul and specifically address the encryption solutions to those vulnerabilities, as well as possible costs or disadvantages associated with those solutions. The minimum page count is 5–6 pages (excluding cover page, etc.). If you require more pages to thoroughly defend your position, feel free to include them.Your paper should use Times New Roman 12-point font, be double spaced, and use correct APA formatting (cover page, table of contents, abstract, and reference page). Be sure to use proper APA in-text citations that match your reference list.A minimum of three peer-reviewed articles should be used to support your narrative in the research paper. Use the Kaplan University Library to search for supporting articles and use the “peer reviewed” filter to find the appropriate material. You may also use additional material, such as trade magazine articles, but avoid Wikipedia.

This is fine

Let me know if you got this ok

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