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19. Under Arrow's Theorem, if every individual in a group

Customer Question

19. Under Arrow's Theorem, if every individual in a group prefers A to B, then the group must also prefer A to B. In the theorem, this is referred to as
A. Pareto optimality.
B. transitivity.
C. nondictatorship.
D. unrestricted domain.
20. Arrow’s impossibility theorem states that when any group is making a decision among three or more alternatives no voting system will satisfy a set of reasonable criteria that most individuals would expect from a fair, democratic, process without violating which of the basic processes:
A. completeness
B. transitivity
C. all of the above
D. unrestricted domain
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  lkhoward replied 1 year ago.

when is this due?

Expert:  lkhoward replied 1 year ago.

I'll work on this tomorrow

Expert:  lkhoward replied 1 year ago.

working on it now