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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, Master's Degree
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Experience:  Masters in Literature and a Bachelors Degree in French with Management
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I have a 400 word book that requires additional fact

Customer Question

I have a 400 word book that requires additional fact checking. There are many topics including politics, Hitler, Behavioral Science etc. I would guess there would be about one-hundred facts to check. Most I presume can be researched via Google. How much would this cost? About how long would this take? Thanks

I paid $22 because I think I needed to, in order to talk back and forth. I am off to bed. Best way to contact me is via email.

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Greg. I can probably assist. As I prepare a quote for this, it would help to have a better idea of the types of "facts" to be checked.

Can you list just three of four examples of what types of "facts" will need to be checked in order to get an estimate of my time required for 100 total in order to prepare a fair quote for you? In addition, the quote will allow us to communicate privately through email to protect your book from others being able to view.

Thanks - I look forward to hearing back from you soon to be able to provide a fair quote on services.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Greg here is a sample. What would the cost be to fact check everything? You feel comfy with this type of material? About how long will it take you? Please remember this is copyrighted material. Thanks

Chapter Twenty Seven

Future of technology and then...

Have you heard about the new jazz band made up of five nerd? Neither have I. You know why? They have no gigs yet'

In twenty five years, there will be gigantic half rusted silver boxes that emit small intervals of lightening at night, attached to all types of poles on roads. The alleged purpose will be to watch for speeders, especially in school zones and intersections. These cameras will take both still and moving pictures of your car’s license plate, even though the driver may be in Tennessee while the car is in New Jersey. They will make the price for disobeying the law as high as possible but not so high as to motivate you to argue the ticket in front of an elder man/woman in a black robe. So you will decide to pay the ticket because it’s just not worth wasting a day to argue your case. Plus you know they have hard cold evidence anyway, because of the still and moving pictures, the still picture of which was actually inserted into the mailer that came to inform you even received this violation. Even if your dog was driving, you will still get the ticket. I personally feel this is fair; to the dog. To further motivate you not to argue your case, they will make the ticket just a monetary fine, meaning no points or demerits are placed on your record (license). Basically, they only want the money.

Oh, sorry! I made an error. In the above paragraph I was describing the present day from twenty five years ago; my mistake. I will not do this again. Let's get Back To The Future as another MJF used to talk about. That MJF was a movie star; I met him once. He had no idea we had the same initials, but I knew.

You have heard of the technical expression 'the cloud' as in data being stored in the cloud? The cloud simply means in another location. In the future these clouds will get thicker. Because of compression algorisms (which simply means ways of sending data more efficiently and hence faster) all handheld devices will get stupider. Because of the speed of transmission and the ability to "predict what you will do next' the 'smarts in your devices will be off premises. This in itself is no 'Earth shattering' prediction but its implications are interesting. It means all the computational power in the world will be at your fingertips, it means miniaturization becomes meaningless, it means nothing can really be private, and 'peaking into your tent' will become a way of life. Even encryption will become somewhat ineffective. The only way to encrypt might mean to tie more ribbons around all the oak trees. Computer will become masters of creating the same messages and 'trade secrets' in hundreds of thousands of versions. Your (human) memory of the number of the correct version will be the only true encryption device. If you (or it) gets compromised, then shifting around the alternatives will become an easy fix. Every day of the month should have its own multiplier so decryption becomes thirty times more difficulty; except in leap years. Leap years will disappear also as world clocks get themselves in unison to alter each day just enough to cancel out the leap year. In fact, even leap years do not get the job done with enough accuracy; but the new clocks will.

In addition to clouds getting thicker TV's (which of course are more computers than TVs) will get thicker also because the only realistic way to fool the eyes to create 'fake' 3-D is to create a pixilation matrix that allows the distance between your eye see slightingly different images. I met with RCA engineers many years and the problems were the same then; how to get 3-D without the dumb glasses. Above is the only way.

On a more personal level, technology will advance in the future to the point where every citizen will be offered a small lightweight bracelet, it could be leather or it might be a watch bracelet. It will be so thin it can look like a thicker version of fishing line. The point is it’s a light bracelet that you put on your wrist, and it comes with a unique little clasp. It will be very small and almost unnoticeable at first, but some people will want 'designer ones'. I never met Calvin Klein so I have no idea what these five-hundred dollars ones will look like, although I can predict the cost to be about $500. No matter the cost they will all do the same thing. Bracelets, earrings, support hose, capped teeth; it does matter they will all do the same thing and their visibility will be faked. Meaning they will be made larger than they really need to be. Let's refer to them as bracelets for verbal convenience.

Nobody will be required to have this 'bracelet'; but to 'nudge you' in the right direction, it will be pointed out that this new technology can help women shop and men hunt at Home Depot. Maybe the new system will give you 'frequent chip points'. These would be very similar to frequent flyer miles because neither will be redeemable without spending two hours on the phone. But do not get me wrong, these new 'chip' points will still be a desired thing to have and accumulate, collect. Like the gold star we talked about earlier in the book they will be mostly symbolic but behaviorally enticing. I always liked a gold star on the top of my fourth grade essays.

In the tiny bracelet, there will be three specialized electronic chips sections, perhaps slightly tinted a different color depending on the section’s purpose.

The first section (colored dark green for money) could be for your financial transactions, a second for official government identification and homeland security (dark red for danger), and a third for your medical information (dark purple for not enough blood).

No batteries will be needed because they will work on an old and well-known principle called RFID, radio frequency identification. The upgrade of this old technology, however, will allow a giant leap forward. RFID will even exist within paint, types of polymers, and more. RFID will be like 3D movies, it will return with a vengeance.

RFID electronic readers can detect and record the information encoded on the wrist-chip and these will be embedded almost everywhere there is some type of gateway, such as a supermarket door, transportation hub, entrance to a museum, hospital, large office building, and more. The readers will be invisible, so you will not even know they exist or where they are. Some like the electronic tool readers will be placed in the middle of highways and roads as they are today, although the EZ-Pass people promised to never use this technology for anything but toll collection.

These small 'wrist-chips' will soon thereafter be officially 'rolled out' in earrings or small (month long) adhesive patches that hold fast to your skin. They will even be hide-able under the paint of a toenail. It will not be permissible to attached these to things that can separate from your body, or loose such as keys or a wallet. Although anything lost can be easily tracked and found at this point in time, but that is not the point here. Finding your keys will not be necessary because you chip will be your key(s). Your wallet is the chip. Your belt buckle will still only be a belt buckle because skinnier people will need to keep tightening it.

Shortly after that, the micro-chips will be offered as a body implant. When society understands the implant as a way (maybe the only way) to be safe, they will embrace it, want it, and beg for the government to quickly implement such a system. If the government is smart it will create a surrogate company to do its bidding. They should name it after a fruit. Since Apple is taken I would go with orange or cumquat. Once fully deployed. The implant medical operation, which will be quick and painless, might involve somewhere around twenty tiny pin pricks of the skin. If nobody knows which of the twenty pricks got the chip, nobody can ever remove it. All the micro prick holes will heal up in a day or so. The point is, you will not know where it is; neither will your kids know where theirs is located. Neither will you know where theirs is located. It will be ironic that the device enabling everybody to locate everybody will be in a secret location in everybody.

The speed of implementation of this, not so far in the future technology, depends upon the level of fear generated, for example from a homeland attack. Such an attack will happen, and the bigger it is, the faster the citizens will give up their (used to be cherished) pseudo-privacy for more security. Whatever the time frame, implantable IDs will happen sooner rather than later. Implanting them will be safe, convenient, and help the homeland be safe. People will want them.

If a motion or infrared sensor (feeler) detects motion and that motion (of a person) is not tied to an ID chip, presto, I know where the people who are not supposed to be there, are located. For example by today's' standards, if you know all your kids are out on a camping trip along with your spouse, and your alarm at home senses (human) movement, you know somebody in your home is 'unauthorized'. You will then alert authorities. You would dial 911 and hear, "if you feel this is a real emergency, 'press '1', a perceived emergency, press '2', and emerging emergency press '3'. The point is, that stupid 1980s voice menu system will never die, and you have now located somebody by 'not' having information. Non-information in technology is information. Soon after, even chips in your body will not be necessary.

I am well aware you might think I am a good looking dude with a vivid imagination. You are wrong. I have no vivid imagination. These are predictions not some science fiction book. Here is a bit ofproof that you cannot argue with, guaranteed.

As you know microchips are getting smaller (which is why they are called 'micro') and computing capabilities are becoming enormous. So when you combine these two irrefutable facts, one thing is certain. It takes less physical space today to perform more calculations. Your handheld Smartphone today is smarter than the same amount of computational space needed two decades ago to fill a gymnasium. I presume we have no disagreement with this? If we do, you are wrong.

But let's take the reverse and see if you can 'keep up'. If it took the size of a gymnasium to compute what the palm of your hand can hold today, how small might a device get twenty years from now, that can do the same as your phone can today? Do not answer yet. If we assume the computational capability of a smart phone today, did not get reduced in size twenty years from now, here is my question. Ready?

Why did the NSA (National Security Agency) complete construction in 2014 of a new facility that is five times larger than the US Capitol in Washington DC. Let's do the math. How many smart phones you think would fit into the US Capitol? Let's guess that number to be two thirds of a quadrillion. If you multiply two thirds of a quadrillion by five times (since the new building is five times larger), you get three quadrillion. Even if stacked loosely you would get about three quadrillion phones into this new NSA building.

Now I am no geek but if I had that much computation power, I 'd use it. That would be enough computation power to do everything I mentioned above (and below and sideway); and there would still be enough 'bits' left over for all the employees who have now moved their residences to the middle of Utah in order to work in this mega-gymnasium, to watch porn, play virtual chess, video games, and Google.

When all of this computational stuff is done, they would then be able to turn on the other ninety percent of their computational power to figure out what the hell I am talking about in this book. If they are really argute they would simply read it.

If they are not smart they would turn on an additional ten percent of their computers and they could calculate to an octdecillion

Remember I was magnanimous when using today's smart phones for a size comparison against twenty years from now. What if the actual size in twenty years from now for the same computational abilities (within your smart phone today) becomes the size of a grape? How many grapes you think would fit into a building five times as large as the US Capitol? Answer, a lot, so now how much computational power would they have? If they turn an another ten percent their computing abilities then this number would go up to a calculation ability of vigintillion (note this is different from a vegetarian), but still is a real number. If interested this number is ***** 'one' followed by sixty three zeroes. When, and if, they turn on another twenty percent their computational capability, and the computation size of a today's smart phone get reduced to the space of a pistachio nut, then the NSA comes close to having a computational capability of a googol. A googol is a 'one' followed by one-hundred zeros. (If you think I am making up these number you should Google, googol). Once the NSA goes for broke and turns on all their machines, they will reach one centillion.

Based on the scale you chose to use from the world of mathematics, centillion is a 'one' followed by 303 zeros. I kid you not. Under British mathematics a centillion is a 'one' followed by 600 zeros. You want to how that number looks on paper? Good, now get a piece of paper and write down a 'one', and then write six hundred zeros after it. Now you can see how big it looks. Go ahead I'll wait right here in this spot. I'll see you in a few days when you are done.

Author's note: If the NSA hires a wordsmith like the FED did (I will define this soon) they would re-title the facility, the 'Facility For People With Half An Operational Brain, Who Figured Out What We Are Doing" gymnasium. For short maybe 'Mikeyland'. If Disney sued them for encroaching on Mickeyland, they would simply turn off all of Disney's touch tone phone menu systems worldwide. Disney would cave, and drop their lawsuit within two hours.

I then called the senior executive one last time and said, is Disney's caving within two hours acceptable to you? He said," 'no' two hours was too long but it was good enough for government work". I understood. I agreed.

I said goodbye and hung up. Actually I did not hang up. Instead I listened on the line to see if I could pick something unexpected. All I heard was the senior executive saying something about, 'routing my next phone call directly to the dead-end touch branching machine, that was especially set up for annoyance calls'. He knew eventually everybody would hang on that system and never wish to call again. But he forgot, I knew what I was doing and that I could press certain tones on my phone quickly enough to fool that dead end system. His strategy to keep me out, I knew would fail. Those quick tones you hear just before the machine transfers your call to a real person, are touch tones, but you need to be quick with your finger to deceive it. End of NOTE

But I still have one more theoretical question for you? What is the CIA doing while all of this NSA expansion is going on? I know the answer personally, and I can bet the CIA is not taking a back seat to the NSA. That is certain. The CIA and the word EGO are very much entwined.

Author's NOTE: I have personal advice for you my reader, who I presume is not multitasking. (If you are, please go back to the part of the book where your Lobe started to wander). This advice is a financial tip. I predict the CIA will buy up the remaining land in the state Utah and build an even bigger facility one day. They will call this simply 'googol-land' to commemorate to sheer size of what they can calculate per nanosecond. You should go to Utah and buy up the remaining land to beat them to the punch. If you call Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon and Utah has millions of Mormons, he might help you get a deal on some of this Utaharian land before the CIA gets to it first? If you had done this before Walt did so in Florida, you would have made quite a bundle of money. But that is past, and this book focuses on the future. END of NOTE.

Having personal knowledge of both agencies, I believe the CIA has more power than the NSA so here is what they might do. They might buy one of my books for every employee and require them to place it on their desks (really in their cubbies). They will do this because they will want to learn the name of the website and charitable Foundation I am creating to help unflip the flipped kids.

Before they purchase so many books, however, they will have the IRS audit the new charity to ensure there are no 'shenanigans' going on. I welcome this audit and invite it. I hereby give my permission for the IRS, the NSA, and the CIA (even the FDA and the FDIC,) to fully investigate and audit this new charity. When they do they will find that everything I say, I do. The financial books will be clean and the charity will do its job as best it can. If they do find a thief, 'get em'. Fry em. I will not care. I insist on honesty and efficiency so we can reclaim our children. I am not joking in any manner.

Having more power than the NSA is not easy. I am telling you the truth. You are getting no Snowden job here. The CIA will do one more thing; they will order the name of this book changed once it is sitting on the desks (in the cubbies) of all their employees, spies, consultants, and 'cleaning' people'. ('cleaning' is in quotes because it is a secret code word).

They will re-title my book; "Here is What We Will Do Today." They will instruct all of their employees not to tell the NSA anything about this new book. But they forgot I have connections. I will personally send it to my connections at the NSA. The CIA will then threaten me and tell me if I continue such behavior, they will shut off all voice mail menus in the world in order to screw me. And I will say, "Thank heavens, I have been waiting for this since about ten years after I invented it to prevent it continued misuse. I did not invent some 'hold' button with words coming out'. Once I tell them this, the CIA will walk away frustrated.

I will have won this battle of wits; because they forgot I am not only a PhD, behavior scientist, but in fact I am only a half-wit from birth. Foolish of a spy agency to forget the obvious, discreditably so.

Author's note: I have a plan to get the NSA to help me support my new Foundation. If they do this they can redeem themselves in my eyes. If all goes well and you readers send in millions of dollars to this new non-profit Foundation to get our kids back, here will be one point of my plan. I will call contacts at the NSA and the CIA. Here is what I will say: First I will need to search my records for the secret code word I must say so they know I am 'legit'. I will memorize it since this is not the type of secret I want laying around my desk (not a cubby). I will now call the NSA. I will need to get through the voice menu system. Once I do that so much time will have elapsed, I will have forgotten my ID codeword. I will try again. This time I will write the codeword down on the palm of my hand in ink, but I will write it backwards so the coded word is encoded.

Once I get through I will say the secret ID codeword so they know I am who I say I am. But so much time has elapsed via the push button touch tone phone menu system, that I will have forgotten that I wrote it in code. I will therefore mistakenly give them the code backwards. They will tell me to go screw myself. I will recover quickly and realize I gave them my special ID codeword backwards thereby decoding my own code and reading it forwards. They will match my personal ID codeword to their records. I will pray they do not tell me their computer system is 'down' or they will need to put me on hold again. My prayers get answered. Instead of the bad language I heard earlier, now I will hear: 'hello doctor Freeman, how have you been'? I will know this is just a BS question so I will get to the point.

I will threaten them. I will simply say "if you guys cannot use your 'flux capacitatesors along with the trillions of gigawatts (or whatever the heck Michael J, Fox called it in Back to Future, just before his mother 'put the moves on him',) I will turn their 'national secrets' into 'National Enquirer' headlines. They will tell me Snowden already did that a few years ago, so my threat is meaningless. At this point I will quickly reverse and beg for help. I will say I need you to use the other ninety-nine percent of your meshuganawatt computing power which you have not switch on yet, to personally help me. They will say, 'what did you say,' in disbelief. I will say, 'I would rather not repeat myself I hate to go backwards'. I will then tell them to listen to the tape recording they are making of our conversation. They will ask me if I could email them my recording since they have so many to sift through. I will say; just forgetabout your tape. I will email you my tape. I am well aware 'tape' is not used anymore but neither should be 'dial' a phone number but old habits are hard to break.

I want the entire agency to help me. I need you guys to use all your pistachio nuts to prevent kids from accessing porn and other perversions on the Internet. They (the NSA) will ask me to get them a congressional exemption or otherwise, they would be able to comply with my request. I will say, 'I am talking about kids you idiots'. Now they will understand I mean business. I will ask them how they like living in Mormon country out there in Utah. They will report there are very few single girls around because the guys marry six girls at a time. I will then ask them why the heck they chose Utah to build the biggest secret building in the world. They will tell me, 'because they wanted it to be a secret'. I will say, 'I can understand that but anybody who can use the Dewey decimal card catalogue or Google can easily find out. I will say, 'your secret is no secret. 'They will yes, "yes, we screwed-upped". I will say, 'oy'.

I will then get back to why I called in the first place. How can you guys help me block porn (and a few other undesirable messages) from being seen by kids. They will ask me if they can think about it and would I mind calling them back in one hour. I will say, 'no' empathically because to call them back in one hours time would mean I would have to start calling the voice menu system now.

They told me that to bypass the voice menu system I should simply just press zero. So I reluctantly agreed. I waited one hour. I called back. I pressed zero and heard, 'our menu has changed this is an invalid selection'. I tried to kill myself out of pure frustration and swallowed a handful of my blue pills. Luckily my pills had expired so they were not as potent as they could have been. I did not die.

After I got home with the emergency room after my tough bout with endless priaprism , I was ready to get back to the phone to try yet again to call the NSA. I noticed my wife 'giving me the eye.' I personally have no interest in her eye but we went upstairs and had sex anyway.

I am now back at my desk trying to reach the phone since it is about one foot further away from my normal reach. I cannot seem to get close enough to my desk to make the stinking phone call. Anyway, I then waited about four hours and was going to try again. I failed. But then I got a lucky break. The NSA (who are experts in caller ID called me back. I could see the blocked (unidentified) call on my caller ID so I knew it was them. Remember I taught you that lack of information is information also. So I knew it was my day. I tried to answer the call but could still not get close enough to my desk. I tried again I failed. It was now over twenty four hours since I had taken those stupid (blue for boys) pills to commit seppuku or harakiri. I noticed my face was beginning to turn blue.

I knew it was time to end my day. Maybe tomorrow, I thought tomorrow would bring me better luck. I went up to bed. Unfortunately I awoke my wife. She looked at me and turned over to say "goodnight honey" but she also flashed me her boob. She pretended this was an accident. She forgot how good I am at behavior science; which includes observation, so I knew for a fact this was no accident. I pretended not to notice. I purposely, as those teenagers and possums do, did not move a muscle. I was hoping this ploy of mine would work. I would be left alone. I am no dummy you know.

An hour later after we had sex I decided I would try the NSA in the morning. I calculated Utahans time and set my alarm to wake me up. My alarm woke me on schedule. I went down for breakfast but my wife was already in the kitchen half naked.

After sex (actually 'love making' which is an old term you kids today know nothing about), I had a good hardy breakfast and went to my phone. I still was having my difficulties, so I decided to use my cell phone. I am well aware how hard it is to use a cell phone when you are confronted with a touch tone phone menu. First of all you cannot hear the tones because you are pressing a button instead of listening, so you often are not sure if you already touch a button and therefore whether it registered. I reminded myself this nifty system was not invented for cell phones. I knew it would be annoying to have to press the menu buttons and then slam the phone back to my ear to hear the next choice. I hate to miss a choice; sometimes the system, makes you start all over again. I reminded myself this system was invented for stupid phones.

To end the story, here is what happened the following week. Each day for a week I tried to call the NSA on my cell phone. I spent hours pressing buttons. When the battery went dead I picked up my cordless phone (which as you learned is wireless also) and called from that. After only two hours of calling, that battery went dead also.

I was still having trouble getting close enough to my desk in order to use the real phone. I think this is called a 'corded' phone. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired trying to call the NSA for almost a week, and I was not enjoying having sex five times a day with the same women.

But as luck would have it my symptoms finally went down and unbelievable, the phone rang and the caller ID said 'unidentifiable'. I knew this meant the NSA. I picked it up immediately and said me secret ID code.

The person on the other end said, "hello we will be in your area tomorrow and we are selling vacuums. This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes". I yelled into the phone and said, "hey buddy if you want to sell me a vacuum at least start off the telephone conversation by stating the truth. He said, OK, and then clearly stated: "This call is being recorded so if you lie we will have it on tape and will use it later to sue your pants off'. I personally wanted nothing to do with any 'pants off' scheme (after all went through the following week) so I hung up.

I then went back to calling the NSA. After only 47 minutes I got through the choices. I think I would have gotten though sooner but I tried that 'zero thing" again. I had to start over so this wasted time. Somebody real picked up. I looked to me hand for my ID code word but it had washed off. Now I was in big trouble. I had destroyed the written code and had lost the coded code that was on my palm. I fully explained this to the young lady who answered at the NSA. She then asked me; sir do you have your ID code or not? I said I did not. She said screw you and hung up. Now I knew I was in big trouble.

But then I had a thought; This will show how smart my half-wit brain can be. I remembered the vacuum guy was recoding my call when I blurted out my NSA ID code. I called him because even though the caller ID said, 'number not available' I knew some tricks to make the unavailable number become available to me. So I used it. It worked. Doesn't everyone know these tricks? Dial *67 before dialing and you block you own called ID and that if you call an "800 type call (866 etc), even if you block your call using the *67, or asked your phone provider to make your number permanently blocked, the caller ID will go through anyway? If you press *57 a permanent record and a trace of the last person who called you will be initiated and transmitted to your phone records. When you call your provider to complain, they will have that number at the ready; even if it was from a blocked line. Nifty, yes? I have other codes but I do want to reveal any important trade secrets. For what you paid for the book you have gotten your monies worth.

I told him I really needed a vacuum right away. He said tomorrow he would be back in my neighborhood. I told him I could not wait and i needed it today. He asked if I was some type of pervert. I said no. he said too bad. I said are you type of pervert? he said yes,. I told him I was taping the call and would expose him on TV,. I said, please don't. I said "I will make a deal with you" if you bring the tape you made of me, I will exchange that for the tape I made of you.

He said okay but I needed to agree to buy a $1,000 vacuum from him. I said 'what are you crazy" I am not buying a $1,000 vacuum from you. He said, 'yes I would. I asked why he thought that? He said; " because he said that he once worked for the CIA and he knew that the utterance that began our first phone call was a secret NSA ID code.

I said, "if I pay you cash can I buy it without paying sales tax?" He said; " sure". We met two hours later. We exchanged tape recordings, I gave him the $1,000 cash and he gave me my Miele.

We bid each other fare-thee-wells and I was back in business to call the NSA. I gave my wife the thousand dollar vacuum she said thanks this is great, you want sex in return? I thought about that for a nanosecond and politely said 'no'. I explained I had an important phone call to make. She said you want sex later/ After another nanosecond I said, "that will not be possible honey because I was going to attempt to get through a voice menu system". She walked away and called me an F-jerk To this day I do not know if she called me that because I invented the stupid voice menu system or that I turned down sex with her? Who cares, I walked over to my phone to begin doing battle and you will never guess what happened?. My phone rang, it said "caller unavailable" I knew it was that pervert vacuum guy. I picked up and said, "if you ever call me again you pervert, I will call the police and sue". Then I heard the voice on the other end of my corded phone say: "sorry doctor Freeman I thought you wanted to talk to us, I have the senior executive on the line for you". I said oh thank the heavens, put him on. He picked up immediately; Dr Freeman is this you? . I said yes, and I need to ask for an important favor. "He said he would try to help me the best he could but first he needed to hear my special ID code in order for us to continue. I looked frantically for the tape the vacuum guy just gave me. I found it but it was an old 8-track. I knew I had a 2-XL Robot somewhere in the house. These original 2-XLs could play regular 8-track tapes. Just a few weeks ago my young nephew was over and was playing the Trilex game where 2-XL would compete against a child in tic-tac-toe.

I yelled to my wife who was upstairs, "honey where is the 'Trilex'? She yelled back, "what you want to have sex'? I said 'no' Trilex. She yelled back you want to have the three way? I said of course not I need to find Trilex. She "said now I understand. it is right here under the bed' I ran up the stairs and ran down again now holding the 2-XL Robot along with Trilex.

I checked to see if the senior executive was still waiting on the phone line. He was. I plugged in the adapter for the 2_XL and harnessed up the Trilex. I inserted the Trilex. The tape began to play. It said, "hello this is Bruce at the vacuum store. We will only record conversations after we legally inform you that we are taping the call". The next thing I heard was" was own voice saying: "if you ever call me again you pervert, I will call the police and sue". I realized he had brought me the wrong tape. I got back on the phone and said, "Mr.' senior executive, you have need so polite and patient waiting for me to get my ID code". "He said; thank you very much I appreciate that compliment, but please tell me the code? I said it's a long story. He interrupted, "what is the code, Sir." I said I needed to explain there is a problem. he then interrupted me yet again. This time he said; "Go F-yourself and never crank call this agency again. I heard a click. Being an expert on phones, I knew that click meant he hung up fiercely. End of note.


If you wish to pay for a cab ride, the money instantly goes out of your virtual 'chip' account and into that of the cab driver’s. When you go to the grocery store, you pick what you desire and walk out. Your virtual (chip) bank will be debited and credited to the store. This will work the same way for giving your kids an allowance, bailing them out of virtual prison (I will talk about this later), and paying your utility bills, mortgage, and student loans. Transfers will be between any two entities—you and a pal, or you and the government, or even between companies. So there will be no need for any type of private bank to exist. Your money is in your hands (or inside your earlobes), and you can transfer it at will. And the reverse as well, of course.

Why am I using the word, chip? Not only because it is a computer chip, but this word coincidentally refers to the ultimate virtual money that exists(ed) in casinos. This virtual money is also called a casino 'chip'. How convenient is that?

Broadway shows, concerts, sporting events, and more will automatically hold your payment after you make a reservation and then verify your arrival, at which time they will transfer the proper charges out of your account. If there is a charge for not showing up and you don’t, that will be automatically assessed. If your account is not up to snuff, you will be unable to purchase these types of tickets. You must have an acceptable percentage of reserve based the category you wish to purchase within—a yacht will require a particular percentage on reserve, medicine another.

There will be no actual taxes to pay (see the predildiction on virtual money), and if you run out of money, you will need to seek a loan or an extension on the payments you have due. If you truly cannot support your basic needs (meaning your requests are valid), the government (or perhaps a private surrogate agency or company) will automatically kick in some credit (points) so you can overspend your account. You will soon see how smart the government is from the 'virtual money predildiction' (coming up), so they will not call this a government bank. Instead they will give it another name. This has happened before. When the government wanted to control all the money in 1913 in a controlling sort of way, they decided not to call it by its real name. The real name should have been 'The Total Control Over All Money Bureau', but instead the name Federal Reserve Bank was invented This name is ***** ***** and lobster source name for a bank.

Author's note: Actually the Federal Reserve is not even a Bank. It is a system of thirteen regional banks But the words 'reserve and bank ' together sounds comforting. I was looking for a branch the other day to trade in some old gold coins for some paper money; which is not really paper, but could not locate a branch. This 'no branch bank' was founded on the principle that 'names matter' so they called stuff they did cool names such as: 'quantitative easing', crises response', credit and liquidity programs, and lending to depository institutions. These names all sound so helpful and nice. Here is another. We all know the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) backs-up the money you have in most US banks. You agree? But is this really true? It is true technically but not true in actuality. This is because the FDIC gives themselves (in the fine print) 'as soon as possible.' to pay you back. The 99 year concept is a misconception. So if your bank fails (or disappears in the middle of the night) and you go to the FDIC for your money they have the perfectly legal right to tell you they will pay you as soon as possible. And as you will see in the predictions for your future, if they wait too long there will be no actual money. The history of the FDIC in paying back insured funds in US banks is perfect. Nobody has ever lost a dollar. As an example, everybody's record of falling on a step on a staircase is also perfect, until they trip.

Let's get back to the Federal Reserve. Being a behavior scientist I was suspicious though, and as a citizen I wanted to audit this bank. I even know a United States senator and he said he would help me; but no luck. It turns out that even though The FRB (the FED) uses my money, they are a somewhat secret organization. No citizen is allowed to audit them. Not only are there no branches you cannot even learn what the bank really does in all those non-existent branches. I tried calling up the Federal Reserve. It answered right away. That was good. But then I had to press "1" then '6', then '1' then '9' , then '4' then I got a dial tone. But I called back. After pressing '0', '0', '0' and '0' a young woman did pick up the phone. I said I would like to talk to a banker. She said there were no bankers here. I said isn't this the Federal Reserve Bank'? She said no, this is the Federal Reserve System. I said I must have 'punched my digits' wrong, and that I was sorry for dialing the wrong number. She said, no I dialed the right number but got the name wrong. I said I have one more button to press, I pressed the hang up button.

After doing some of my own 'secret' research I decided to rename a few of the bureaus within this bank, which is not really a bank because it is a system of twelve banks. My favorite term they used was 'quantitative easing'. They even abbreviated it 'QE', which makes me think of the Queen Elizabeth. Even these two (subliminal) initials give me comfort. I am no monarch but I know that anything connected to QE must be good. The 'Fed's did a few of these QE things. My favorite was the QE 2 because the buffet on that one is fabulous.

I do not know about you but I always wanted my quantitative eased. You? The official definition of QE (not the ship or the Queen) is: an 'unconventional monetary policy in which 'a central bank purchases government securities or other securities from the market in order to lower interest rates and increase the money supply'. I give this the knick name: 'tricky trillions' because in reality the long-form name of this non-bank is: 'a non-government government system bank by which it can print trillions of dollars whenever it wants to, but not really print because technology is so advanced these days that changing a digit on a computer is just as good a printing real money, which is not actually real because it is back by nothing, but nobody really knows how they can have the power to just print non-real money (sorry I meant add a digit or two) and save the money of printing a bill which is expensive these days, and nobody really cares anyway; bank (I mean system)..

I hope you are aware that I am the only person in the world who could murder the man who invented this, and never serve a moment in jail? But in that jerk's defense, he told me once 'when thinking to himself' that he invented it to make waiting times shorter, calls more efficient, He said it was those 'unintended consequences' that screwed up the implementation of this invention. He explained to me that the original purpose was to direct callers to press a touch tone phone button to speed the call to the appropriate party who could help them most efficiently. he continued, the original plan; to direct a caller within, for example, American Airlines who could serve their needs got misused. If a person is calling American Airlines to only learn arrival information then it would be best to direct that call to a person sitting in front of a passive TV monitor. That person would be most able to help them. Callers who needed to make an actual reservation would now automatically be switched to a more qualified person with a computer. And if you were calling because you left your shoes on the plane, you could get directly connected to the Lost and Rarely Found, department.

Now today unfortunately, this pretty nifty system has become a means to simply keep people on 'hold'. This to me is too bad. What a waste of a good idea. Just shameful. Since all his patents on this are long expired, I thought to myself, this is double shameful. Even though I was 'thinking to myself', this is one example of this dumb phrase that made sense; he heard my thoughts. My thoughts were in his head! Wow. Have you ever thought to yourself? End of note.

Let's get back to the business of future technology. The chip that will be in everybody (for their 'safety'). You will not be able to fool this 'chip' system because it knows who you are, your financial history, and how much financial need you do or do not have. Your account is opened at birth or not too long thereafter. Perhaps just after they do not perform a circumcision. There will be exceptions. Do you know what they call people who are not circumcised? I do. They are called 'girls.'

The government will probably eliminate any kind of inheritance rights by this time, so all money you die with, you lose. Some of it might go to extend credit to your grieving family and preselected un-grieving friends, and there will be an exception for farms. The government likes farms and ranches. Did you know an inordinate number of US congress people are also farmers and ranchers? What are the odds of that?

The point of all the above is that once the citizenry gets scared, really scared, they will not care about much else. Fear will dominate reason, privacy, and just about everything else.

Just a reminder; of all the societies and people that ever existing on the face of the planet and even today, America has made it's citizen feel more safe than any other. When that goes away (which it will within the next decade or so), nothing will stop the populace from wanting back what they lost. It's good to feel safe but like many other behavioral constructs, you can't miss something you never had. You cannot miss safety and security because you have never lost them. You cannot miss fear if you never really had it. This was true for the kosher girl and Americans in general. Once Americans get a real taste of real fear, you'll see I am right. Only then will they realize they have lost something they took for granted. Create the analogy for 'water' it is the same thing. You will waste it today but you could kill for it tomorrow. You only need to be thirsty enough in the right behavior situation.

As a matter of fact if you believe the advice of the bottled water industry, you might kill people before you become thirsty, because you will know your body has never figured out that it is better to drink before the need arises. I mentioned this concept earlier. Just the other day I was teaching this basic principle to my kids; one, swallow before putting food in your mouth, two, cough before the tickle in your throat, and three, get wet before showering. I think they got the message. I was going to make a sex analogy but I did not want to alter their thinking too much.

Let's tie in the how your new implant will help the government identify you and thereby keep you safe. If you are wondering if the government implant can be included in other types of implants, you are on target.

Chapter Twenty Eight

Government Identification and Your Location

You ever wonder why when you look for things that you lost, the last place you look is always the right place?

On a more individual level as you should well know by now, perception is reality. If you sit at a playground and watch the mothers watch their children, you would think kids in America are getting abducted by strangers every five minutes. This is far from true. It is incredibly unlikely this will happen; in fact, your kid being struck by lightning is over two and a half times more likely. The perceived fear of stranger abductions is what motivates this real behavior. Parent (especially) mothers will welcome the chip to be embedded in their children, because they know the chip will eliminate their fear of losing a child. Once this happens this will be the first time that mothers at a playground will be able to make eye contact with each other during a conversation, while their kids are playing on the monkey bars.

The second section of the micro-chip 'bracelet' will be colored 'blue, reminding everyone of the red, white, and blue which is America. This section is basically self explanatory but I plan on explaining it anyway. Of course once the chip gets inserted into your body, colors will not matter one bit, nor bite of memory. Because of the ''thick clouds' remember your implant need only to communicate with it computation partner. The implant chip itself, can be little more than a crystal radio but one that can work in both directions; receiving and transmitting. You can Giggle this if you wish. It was s simple radio that required no batteries and were made by citizens over one hundred years ago. I like the name 'crystal', they should reuse that name.

When this technology is installed (in you) the government will then have the technological ability to track you anywhere anytime. Behaviorally you will desire this for your own safety. As a matter of fact the government will not in actual fact have to track at all. Here is why. If you go about your normal daily routine, the government computer program could care less. But if you deviate too far from your normal track, it can, so it will, take notice of the change.

If you ever used Microsoft WORD, you know what 'track changes' are. Track changes allow the program to only 'track' the changes you make to an existing document. If you make no changes nothing happens. But the moment a change is made, the program kicks into action. The same will be true with the government's computer program, it will also track changes to your normal routine.

In addition, when you vote, enter a library, government office, a mall, baseball stadium, a vacant lot where a real bank used to be, the system will know it. I know how appalling this sounds to many of you Americans, but please understand to ninety percent, safety is safety. Safety is an appealing construct. I, and the government can make you do anything for safety. Notice how the words appalling and appealing are very similar? A good behaviorist can turn one into the other, rather quickly.

It will literally take but the proper moment in time to behaviorally turn something that is appalling to something appealing, and thereby 'flip' people to believe what was once appalling, now seems appealing. This happens every day mostly to our kids. You would know this if you read the book and were not multitasking. As you may remember, people cannot multitask. They can alternate between tasks but the Lobe has its limits. Multitasking is over that limit. Even bi-tasking is not possible.

But things get better. I am sure many of you have heard of an electrocardiography (ECG or EKG) or an ectroencephalograph (EEG). These work by detecting faint electromagnetic signals that emanate from your body in regard to heart and brain functions, but in reality almost all bodily functions emanate electronic signatures. These signals are too faint to be received at present. But as the sensitively of the receivers increase (as it did exponentially with GPS signals), these signals emanating from your body will be detectable whether you have an implant or not. Your very existence will be readable, tractable, and identifiable anywhere in the country within twenty five to thirty years; maybe fifty years to be locatable anywhere on the planet.

Author's NOTE: Here is a direct analogy. In the original days of GPS's for cars, the user had to have a big (black) box in the trunk and place a large magnetic antenna on the roof in order to receive satellite signal. But just about ten years later (these day) the same exact signals can be easily read by a tiny antenna inside your smart phone. See the analogy coming up? As technology advances to the point where centralized receivers can pick up your (now considered) faint 'electromagnetic signature, you will not need an implant and the government (or the 'watermelon company--or whatever fruit they decide to name this enterprise) will be able to detect you, just a remnants fingerprint can today. But this electromagnetic print is in real time and ubiquitous. Perhaps well after thirty years (past my accuracy point) satellites will be able to do the dead. Here is a hint of why this may be so. Almost all communications satellites today are in a geosynchronous orbit. This simply means they are placed about 22,500 miles above Earth. At this distance and a predetermined speed they ostensibly remain in the same location over the Earth. If you had a telescope and put this satellite in your scope's crosshairs, it would appear never to move.

I am really no rocket scientist but a real rocket scientist would tell you there is no real predetermined speed required for an asynchronous orbit. In the future with powered propulsion satellites an orbit can theoretically be at any distance from the earth surface; even ten times closer and perhaps one hundred times closer.

I am well aware that with the enormous speed of these 'lower orbit' satellites, the friction of the air at that (low) height would burn up the little guy, make a perpetual sonic boom until it disintegrated, and the heat generated would disrupt communication signals, but hey you will live in the future, you figure out these annoying details. END of Note. Lets move on to the next level of your 'chip', medical applications.

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