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Please look below question: Samantha and have been living

Customer Question

Please look below for full question:
Samantha and Jack have been living together for a little more than ten years. Samantha had begun to notice a distance in Jack and that he was becoming disconnected with what appeared to be everyday activities. Two months prior he had a heart attack that forced him to begin a new regimen of medications. Specifically, he had begun taking new medication for his heart murmur and Samantha feared that this medication was making him disorganized and angry at a rate he had not been before. Samantha’s daughter from her first marriage, Nicole, was preparing for her sixteenth birthday. Jack had always resented the fact that Nicole was not his daughter and often took out his anger on her. She had been hospitalized on six different occasions for various injuries sustained at the hands of Jack. Samantha knew that there had been problems between the two and had just accepted the fact that on occasion Jack would lose his temper and hurt Nicole. While she hated the situation, she knew that she could not leave Jack. While he had only beaten her once, he had threatened to severely hurt Nicole if Samantha ever tried to leave. One night while Samantha was working late, Jack cornered Nicole in the living room. He was furious that she had been smoking and drinking and in a fit of rage he began to hit her. After sustaining significant injury, Nicole tried to avoid Jack and while attempting to get away from him Nicole picked up a crystal vase that was on a nearby shelf and slammed it into Jack’s chest. He immediately began to gasp for air and it was clear he was suffering from a second heart attack. Nicole, suffering from a broken arm and broken nose ran from the house to a neighbor. The neighbor then called an ambulance. At the hospital the doctors noted Nicole’s extensive history of medical treatment and summoned social services. It was immediately apparent that there had been a history of abuse and Jack and Samantha were removed as the primary caretakers and placed under arrest. At trial, Jack was convicted of multiple counts of assault and attempted murder (murder being defined as: intentionally or knowingly causing the death of another human being). while Samantha was convicted of knowingly endangering the welfare of a minor (defined as: A parent, guardian, or other person supervising the welfare of a child less than 18 years old commits the offense of endangering the welfare of children if the parent, guardian, or other person knowingly endangers the child's welfare by violating a duty of care, protection, or support.) They have both appealed their convictions. Samantha is attempting to introduce expert testimony regarding the battered wife syndrome that the trial court would not allow into evidence. Jack is attempting to utilize an insanity defense – in this jurisdiction the insanity test is based on the M’Naughten test. Finally, Nicole is being charged with assault for hitting Jack with the vase and triggering a second heart attack. Identify and examine all issues that can be fairly raised on appeal by both Jack and Samantha. Furthermore, identify all defenses that can be raised in connection with the charges against Jack, Samantha and Nicole. Then, decide whether the defenses will be likely to succeed. Provide a full explanation in support of your analysis and decisions.
I will have another after this :-)
I also need related court cases.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for requesting me but I do not see a full question anywhere.

Expert:  Josie-Mod replied 1 year ago.
I am Josie, a moderator for this topic.
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Expert:  lkhoward replied 1 year ago.

Hi. How long is this paper and when is it due?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I completed it already

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