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222mk, Demographic ProfileThis Activity is comprised of two (2)

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Demographic Profile
This Activity is comprised of two (2) parts. Your Activity responses should be both grammatically and mechanically correct and formatted in the same fashion as the Activity itself. If there is a Part A, your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition, you must appropriately cite all resources used in your response and document them in a bibliography using APA style. (100 points) (A demographic profile table plus a 3-page response is required.)
Part A Your challenge is to create a demographic profile table of your city, county, or state (an entity that contains at least 60,000 people). This activity sets the stage for your Stand-Alone Project: an analysis of a problem of difference that interests you. To do your Stand-Alone Project as objectively as possible, you must be aware of your own community and surroundings. It is usually the case that we find a lot of difference “in our own back yard.”
A demographic profile contains, in part, the following:
1. The number of people in total, age distributions with means (averages), gender distribution, race distribution according to U.S. Census data, household income, etc. (If there is no data, consult local government sources.)
2. Your observation of at least six (6) areas of different lifestyles, such as the following. Please note that these are suggestions and you should produce areas of difference based on your own community.
a. Gay or immigrant communities (Again, consult local government offices for such information.)
b. Note where and how many juvenile gangs there are.
c. What religions or religious communities are represented in the area? (The phone book is a good source for this information.)
d. Any reservations
e. Any institutions for people such as homeless shelters, mental hospitals, and workshops
f. How many correctional facilities, including jails, and how many people on probation in this population can you locate?
g. Note any other types of persons who represent differences in your immediate world.
Be sure to document and properly cite your sources of information.
Before you compile the information in your demographic profile, take a few days to observe your community. Look for the differences listed above, but then also keep your eyes open to see if any other groups might be present. As you identify groups that represent difference, be sure to include the groups that you represent, as your characteristics and group affiliations may be considered different by others. Once you have a complete list, begin to think about where you can obtain accurate information about the numbers in each group. As pointed out above, there are multiple sources to be consulted for an accurate picture of the difference in your community. Some of the groups will be more difficult to find descriptive information on, but keep digging until you create an accurate demographic profile. Consider calling local agencies and organizations that can help you understand the breakdown of the groups in the larger community. For gangs, you might need to consult the local police. For criminal justice variables, you might need to consult your local government. There should be published reports about such information, so be persistent.
The most effective way of presenting this data is to create a column of group labels and then a matching column of membership numbers comparable to the table below; please note that this table does NOT contain all of the data you are required to produce for this activity. (50 points) (A demographic profile is required.)
Difference Group Membership
Total Population XXX
Ages 0-5 XXX
Ages 6-10
(and so forth for all ages) XXX
Mean (average) Age XXX
Gender (Male) XXX
Gender (Female) XXX
Race (Use census categories.) XXX
Continue to list all groups as you encounter them throughout the entire course, as you will be using this research in your Stand-Alone Project, which involves the identification of a problem of difference that intrigues you.
Part B When you have completed your profile, write an analysis of the differences in your world. Consider the following in your analysis. (50 points) (A 3-page response is required.)
1. Identify the differences of which you were aware before you started this study and the new ones you learned about from your research.
2. Has diversity increased dramatically in your defined community or remained fairly constant? If diversity has increased, then how has the world shrunk in terms of isolated communities?
3. Justify your answer with reference to the introductions to both textbooks. Cite those references in an APA-formatted bibliography
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