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Boardman Management / Baderman Island SR-bi-003 Hotel Database Develop hotel database for the three hotels on Baderman Island.
Boardman Management / Baderman Island SR-bi-004 Hotel Reservations Database Develop hotel reservation system for the three hotels on Baderman Island.
Riordan Mfg. SR-rm-004 Analyze HR System Define requirements for a state-of-the-art HR information system.
Huffman Trucking SR-ht-006 Paper Reduction Initiative Define technology to become a paperless organization.
Huffman Trucking SR-ht-007 Disaster Recovery Plan - Preliminary Assess and develop preliminary plan for company disaster recovery.
Part 1
Choose a company as the focus for a project proposal. The company or organization should be an existing company in the Russell 2000® index (See instructor post messages on project selection criteria). You cannot use a project from your current employer. Optionally you may choose a project from an instructor selected list from a UOPX Virtual Business (provided in a separate message). You should consider a back-up project choice as you have only two opportunities for a successful instructor company/project approval, otherwise you must pick a project from the instructor's UOPX Virtual Business project list. Failure to have a successfully pre-approved project by 12:00P (AZ-PST/MST) Sunday of WK-1 will result in an instructor selected project.
Write a justification for your selected project and company. Include the company's full official name, physical address, web site, products and/or services, stock ticker symbol, and any other pertinent information you deem essential or desirable. For a UOPX Virtual Business project include as much of this information as the web site gives. Avoid selecting an company for which there is no publicly available historical data.State why you selected this company and give a brief description of the nature of your proposed project for this company. Within your proposal there should be an explicit project definition statement that begins with "The project I propose is .....".
Read/review the instructions and information for the "Project Plan Proposal Development - Stage 2" assignment due at the end of this week (Week 1) for additional information and criteria regarding this project selection assignment.
Submit your company for approval as a properly formatted APA MS-Word document in the assignment tab.
Part 2
[Repeated for reference: Choose a company as the focus for a Project Proposal. The company should be an existing company in the Russell 2000® index (See instructor post messages on project selection criteria). You cannot use a project from your current employer. Optionally you may choose a project from an instructor selected list from a UOPX Virtual Business. Based on circumstances you may be assigned a project.]
Potential project proposal examples include but are not limited to the following:
• Implementation of a new hiring process.
• Construction of a new office building.
• Development of a new software system.
• Roll out of a new product or service.
From the project that was approved (or assigned) by the instructor in the preceding Project Pre-Approval assignment, you will be further developing a project proposal, plan, and schedule.
Expand upon your pre-approval assignment submission. Your information should include:
• The company's name, address, and other pertinent information as requested by the WK-1 Pre-Approval instructions.
• The purpose for this company's existence
• Why this company/project is of interest to you
• Write a few paragraphs giving a more complete description of your project and its relationship to the company's business objectives. You should further justify your project and provide an brief overall strategy as to how you plan to organize and execute your project.
This document should an APA formatted MS-Word document.
Use the Internet to find a Microsoft (MS) Project software plan/schedule template to use as a starting project plan/schedule that is appropriate for the project you were approved. Microsoft has a wealth of MS-Project templates on its web site that may apply for your specific project. If one cannot be located, feel free to develop an beginning MS-Project plan/schedule from scratch on your own. Your MS-Project plan/schedule should follow the Project Management's Institute's (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology for project flow (phases). Save your MS-Project plan/schedule template to submit as part of the assignment (This file will have a file type of ".mpp" )
A web link has been provided with this assignment and several locations within the classroom for access to MS-Project version 2010 for your use for this class. This classroom access is provided via a UOPX third party vendor named "Toolwire" Please read, follow, and heed the Toolwire instructions very carefully in order to assure smooth use of MS-Project using this tool. You may have access to, and can use, your own copy of MS-Project. If so, your version must be version "2010", or earlier versions are acceptable for use. Later MS-Project versions may be able to be used if the ability to back-save your project files to version 2010 exist. This is important to assure compatibility with the instructor and other students/teammates in the class.
Submit these two files (Proposal expansion and MS-Project starting plan/schedule template) for your assignment via the assignment files tab.
Note. You may have to resubmit a new proposal if submitted Stage-2 proposal is not satisfactory, or modifications are requested. You will only receive credit upon a final successfully approved Stage-2 proposal.
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