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to create a mock presentation using PowerPoint, or other professional

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to create a mock presentation using PowerPoint, or other professional presentation software and present your action research proposal to your peers through VoiceThread, Jing, Voki, or other screencast digital tool. An alternative would be to use to create both slides and video simultaneously.
Your slides must include all nine components of the action research plan and follow the guidelines for creating effective presentations as discussed in the required and recommended video tutorials located in the recommended and required readings section.

It is imperative that your voice is heard as opposed to text exclusively. Therefore, it is a requirement you either include the video component with audio or simply record your voice as you share your action research proposal.

You must keep your presentation under five minutes. Keep in mind, the emphasis is more on you and less on a number of slides that are seen. You need to give all the important information to your audience verbally. Include a link to your presentation or attach it to your discussion post.
Explain to me what the action research plan is so that I am not guessing and I will do this tomorrow. I get home early because I do Speech/language therapy in a school.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This is the final that is due next week maybe this will help for this assignment



Action Research Proposal

The Final Project for this course is an Action Research Proposal, which will be created and shared in the form of a formal presentation. The purpose of the final project is for you to culminate the learning achieved in the course by demonstrating the ability to effectively present an Action Research Proposal using established criteria. You should use your current, updated action research plan outline submitted to your e-portfolio during Week Four. You may want to use your mock presentation from Week Five as well as the feedback acquired from your classmates in the discussion forum to build an improved, more complete presentation for a wider, more “important” audience.

Scenario: Imagine that you are presenting this information to your fellow teachers in your school during a staff development day, to your school board to solicit support for their ideas, or to your managers as part of your organization’s continuous improvement program. Your goals are to a) gain approval to conduct this study and b) implement your proposed innovation or intervention in your place of work.

Consider what you’ve learned regarding what makes professional presentations effective. In this case, your boss/ principal, and school board/board of directors are allowing you 10 minutes to present your proposal.

Since you are submitting presentation slides for this assignment, you will need to create between 10 to 15 slides, not including the title and reference slides. Think again about effective components of professional presentations. You will be required to include most of your thought process by means of Speaker’s notes – notated in the note’s section of your presentation. Keep in mind when selecting the presentation program/software you wish to use, that the notes page is available as a great deal of what is graded will be included there.

Your Action Research Proposal should be represented on the presentation slides and explained in your notes on the slides, including the following components:

  1. Area of focus

  2. Explanation of problem

  3. Variables

    • Defined factors

    • Contexts, including recognition of diverse learners

    • Variables of the proposed study

  4. Research questions

    • Questions are answerable given the researcher’s expertise, time, and resources

  5. Locus of control

    • The area of focus is within the researcher’s locus of control

  6. Intervention/Innovation

    • Succinct statement of proposed action to address identified issue/area of focus

  7. Group membership

    • Identified with importance, role, and responsibilities of each

  8. Negotiations

    • Potential obstacles negotiated (permission established, etc.)

  9. Ethics

    • The researcher addresses potential ethical challenges

  10. Timeline

    • Anticipated schedule for each phase of intervention

  11. Statement of resources

    • List of what is needed to enact the proposed plan

  12. Data collection

    • Proposed data collection techniques are justified. The researcher proposes appropriate data collection techniques (qualitative and quantitative) to answer the study’s research questions (chart from week 3 may be used).

Include more detailed explanations of each item that might be verbalized in presentation in the speaker’s notes.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

like a presentation on what the papers have been on I think I tried to attach one of my classmates ppt but wont let me

am just getting back online I had an headache earlier is this due tomorrow.
There were two questions before this one you rated one but not the other.
I am still not clear on what this power point is on.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am guessing it is like the sample to my final which is explained above I am not sure myself I tried to post a sample of one of the classmates but would not let me

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It was due Thursday but can still submit
Can I give it to you tomorrow because it is going to take me some time to write a good power point.
If you would rate the other answer that I did for you I would be grateful.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

in stead of working on mock presentation which seems to be confusing could you do the action research proposal? Look at this power point is this what you are looking for. If I helped you give me 3 points less than that and I won't get credit. Use my work with yours a guide and model for purposes of academic honesty.
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