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khadijahtriggs, Master's Degree
Category: Writing Homework
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Experience:  Speech Therapist for 30 years in the New York City School System.
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From the movie Rain Man Briefly tell me about the characters

Customer Question

From the movie Rain Man

Briefly tell me about the character’s (Dustin Hoffmans) human exceptionality.

After reviewing the film, identify specific characteristics associated with Mental Retardation portrayed by the main character. (Use specific evidence/scenes from the film to demonstrate your understanding).

Identify incidents within the film when the individual was treated differently, misunderstood, or discriminated against because of his disability. How did the events make you feel?

What were some specific accommodations provided to the individual in the film? What additional accommodations do you feel would have been helpful?

What was the major lesson learned from watching the film
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  khadijahtriggs replied 3 years ago.

khadijahtriggs :

When is this due? I would like to help with this answer.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I already completed this but thanks for responding.
Expert:  khadijahtriggs replied 3 years ago.

yes and feel free to ask for help on this topic any time. People on the Autism Spectrum are very important to me.