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khadijahtriggs, Master's Degree
Category: Writing Homework
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Experience:  Speech Therapist for 30 years in the New York City School System.
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I need to write a a progress report with an annotated bibl

Customer Question

I need to write a a progress report with an annotated bibliography
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  khadijahtriggs replied 3 years ago.

khadijahtriggs :

What topic of annotated bibliography do you need.

Customer :

Progress Report

This week a progress report with an annotated bibliography is due. A progress report (also known as a status report) communicates to a supervisor or client the current status of an on-going project. The tone should be objective and realistic. If problems have been encountered, they should be addressed honestly.

direct the memo to your Senior Project Professor and your Technical Writing Professor.

Your goal is to provide a complete and clear account of your activities and to forecast the next stage of the project. Include the following sections in your report.

  • Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the project, summary of the project, the time frame covered by the report, and any changes to the scope of the project.

  • Work Completed: Discuss the work accomplished during the time period covered by the report. Be specific; include dates, refer to hardware/software, discuss sources used, and so on. Use subheads to organize your data by time or task.

  • Work Remaining: Discuss the work that needs to be completed. State the expected dates of completion. Again, be specific and organize your data with subheads.

  • Problems: Discuss any major problems that have interfered with the group's ability to complete the project. Include technical and people problems or any potential obstacles to success. These may include constraints due to money, time, logistics, or other factors.

  • Conclusion: Evaluate how the project is proceeding. Be realistic.

  • Annotated Bibliography: Attach an annotated bibliography to your progress report. Be sure to refer to it in the body of your report.

Your progress report is designed to give your manager a clear picture of the project's positive and negative aspects. Based upon your report, your manager should be well equipped to make any necessary project decisions

Customer :

To: XXXXX Manager & XXXXX XXXXX, Director of Operations


Date: September 22, 2013

Subject: A proposal to purchase twelve new computers for the Long Beach office of Good Day, Inc.




There are twelve computers within this corporation that are out of date causing a drop in efficiency, ultimately resulting in the company losing money. It is imperative for our company to address this problem in order to increase both productivity and revenue. We can resolve this issue by purchasing new computers with up to date software and eliminate the hassle of recycling the old computers by donating them to a school.


Having outdated computers presents a slew of problems for our company. Out of date software creates an opening for computer hackers to enter the system, making not only the company’s information, but the customers’ information at risk for attack. Having a lack of both RAM and secondary memory on these computers causes them to run extremely slow when our employees need to access multiple applications that are necessary to competently complete their jobs.

The lack of sufficient secondary memory has resulted in employees asking for external hard drives; an expenditure that could be avoided. Spending time updating the hardware and software on these older computers would cost money and take time, both from the employees needing the computers and the IT specialists assigned to the task of updating the systems. Our IT department spends a great deal of time fixing issues on just these twelve computers and could benefit greatly from having time to work on other issues for our company.


This company would benefit most if we donated the twelve outdated computers to a school and bought completely new computers through DELL. We have spoken with Mr. XXXXX XXXXX, the Principle of Friendly Elementary School in the Long Beach school district, and he has agreed to utilize our old computers to further the education of his students. Although we will pay an initial fee of $1,400 per new computer from DELL, we will be able to write off the donated computers, in turn receiving a tax break, as well as helping the students in the Long Beach school district.

The new computers will have improved hardware and software, allowing our employee’s to have an efficient workstation. Plus, our customers and our company will be protected from potential hackers stealing valuable information. We will save money from not having to purchase external hard drive and memory devices in order for our equipment to function properly, as well as wages that come from hours spent working on maintaining the computers. DELL offers free yearly updates, saving time and money for us in the long run and allowing us to stay up to date. Our company has purchased computers through DELL before and found them to be very reliable, as well as, easy for our IT staff to work on when necessary.


In regards XXXXX XXXXX new computers, the new software and hardware that we will receive will help to increase productivity. The updates that come with the new computers will help with better performance and security; this will ensure that more work can be done faster and increase expansion, if the need arises. The increased security will provide a safer work environment; this will decrease the likelihood of sending or receiving files that are filled with errors. The chances of our company being hacked are remarkably decreased.

Since we are donating our old computers, we will be giving back to the community in such a way that our old equipment can be used in a school that can help to educate students in learning how to use a computer. Need I remind you, by donating our old computers to Friendly Elementary School, we will receive a tax write-off for our old computers and may even qualify for a tax break on our new equipment.


Our belief in purchasing new computers is: the new equipment will have a longer, useful lifespan for this company that in the long run will save us money. Giving or donating the old computers to a school will help them out and save them money as well during potential hard economic times. When the time arises, again we are going to repeat this process. Since we can afford the new computers, our professional opinion is that we should purchase new computers, instead of the long process of upgrading everything like software and hardware.

The entire process of ordering the new computers from Dell until they are delivered to our office will take thirty days total. This will give us time to plan ahead and organize the roll-over of the equipment. Once we receive the new computers, it will take our IT staff approximately four days to install the computers and have our network up and running. We also feel that getting the new computers will give us a better advantage over our competition and that we will be able to better support the needs of our customers faster and more efficiently. This will increase profit and the botXXXXX XXXXXne for our company. As stated above, there are clear advantages to purchasing these new computers, rather than just upgrading the old systems. Below is a brief summary of the cost’s associated with a new Dell, model “Pro Z60”:



Cost of PRO Z60 $1 200

Software bundle $ 150

Yearly upgrade for software $ 50

Total per PRO Z60 $1 400



Anticipated Problems

While the computers are being switched out and our employees are forced to become comfortable with the new systems, our productivity will temporarily lower. The IT department will be busy wiping old hard drives, setting up the new equipment, and packing up the old computers for the school. This will make it difficult to keep up with the normal work load. In order to help this process run more smoothly, we could hire a temporary IT employee to help with these processes to offset the lack of efficiently fixing issues in departments that do not have the faulty computers.

The time spent adjusting to the new systems can be shortened by a small training course, in which employees are introduced to their new computers and software. Time spent on the training course and the extra employee will cost money, but we will find that the monetary benefits that are gained through higher efficiency/productivity will not only reimburse this cost, but also increase our overall revenue.


As mentioned, with our current, outdated computers, we are clearly in a position where our company’s private information, and most importantly, our customer’s information, could be in jeopardy because of the current outdated software in these systems. In addition, we are losing money every single day that passes, as well as manpower in our IT department that should be spent on other pressing issues because of our unreliable equipment. We need to act now. If we do not purchase these new computers and spend money just trying to maintain the current computers, then we are just prolonging the inevitable.

Mr. Peterson, this will not only just benefit us with tax write-offs and other tax breaks, but need I remind you of the benefits WE will be providing to the students of Friendly Elementary School by donating our computers to them. Sir, this is a win/win situation that will save us money over the long run and provide a service to the community. Mr. Peterson, we respectfully XXXXX XXXXX your approval to make this happen as soon as possible, so that we can move ahead into a more secure and lucrative future.

Expert:  khadijahtriggs replied 3 years ago.

This is mot my area of expertise so I will opt out and give another expert a chance.

Expert:  Josie-Mod replied 3 years ago.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Please close the question for me.