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In writing up a legal brief w/ appendix, does one include a

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In writing up a legal brief w/ appendix, does one include a table of contents for BOTH the brief/report AND the appendix...or, one all inclusive table of contents? May one simply write "Appendix" in the report's table of contents and then in the appendix section's table of contents list the different exhibits; or should the exhibits all be listed in both tables of contents?


When writing a legal brief there should be only one Table of Contents for the entire document. The entry for an Appendix is normally listed as one of the items on that Table of Contents and then each exhibit having a line beneath that. So, for example, you would list it in this manner:

I. Statement of the Facts

II. Legal Argument

III. Legal Argument

IV. Conclusion

V. Appendix

A. Exhibit A (or Tables, Illustrations, etc.)

B. Exhibit B

Only if you also have a Table of Authorities (meaning a table listing all of the cases used in your legal arguments, would you need a separate table. In that case, the Table of Authorities is placed directly behind your Table of Contents.

That is the normal "real world" practice, but even there each court has its own preferred styles. You should always check with your teacher to see if they have a different preference, therefore.

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