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Assignment Instructions:For the Unit 10 project, you will

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Assignment Instructions:
For the Unit 10 project, you will compile the network assessment information which you have collected throughout the unit
projects and will write a proposal to make a change to the network, which you have characterized throughout the class, in
order to better meet the needs of those who utilize that network. Submit both the network assessment and the project
proposal to the drop box in a single APA formatted Word document which includes both cover page and references.
Part A: Network Assessment
Your network assessment should compile, update, and synthesize the information that you have collected throughout the
unit projects. It should include details of the current usage and configuration (media, devices, addressing, and
communications) for the network. It should also include your analysis of deficiencies or problems with the network.
Part B: Proposal Document
The proposal should address the problems or deficiencies identified in the Unit 9 project or in your overall network
assessment and should meet the specific, assessable project goals. The proposal should contain the following sections.
Project Justification – Explain why this project is important for best meeting user needs. Be sure to explain why the current
infrastructure is inadequate to meet the user needs in addition to explaining the needs and their importance in general.
Project Goals – Be sure that each of your goals is specific. Explain how each relates to the overall need. Explain the
success criteria for identifying if the goal is met.
Considerations – List factors such as cost, compatibility with other parts of the network infrastructure, availability of
resources, usability, long-term supportability, etc which will play into choosing the best solutions to meet each goal.
Explain each factor and what limitations it presents.
Goal 1 Options – Based on the infrastructure options that we have discussed in class, describe at least three possible
options for meeting the first project goal. Include advantages and disadvantages of each, and relate these advantages to
the goal itself and to the other considerations identified.
Goal 1 Proposed Solution – Explain what option you recommend for goal 1 and explain why.
Repeat the Options and Proposed Solution for all goals.
Solution Summary – Briefly describe how the solutions for each of the goals fit together with one another and how they fit
into the overall infrastructure. Also provide a cost estimate and project schedule estimate for implementing all of these
Impact – Describe how this infrastructure change will impact the network infrastructure overall as it relates to all user
needs not just to the need specifically addressed by the goals of this project. Are there any additional benefits? Are there
any areas where functionality is impaired or other issues may arise?

Steve Herrod :

Hi, got this one - when is it for?


this one is due by Aug 12th

Steve Herrod :

no problem

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

are you done with the other one yet I still didn't get it


Am just getting started on this, can you rate the other questions I completed?


As well as the other questions can you upload the network assessment information that you already have?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey Steve I can't find it

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

can I make up a new Network Assessment if that's possible

Yes, I will send through something later today