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Hi there ~ I am changing the name of a business that has been

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Hi there ~ I am changing the name of a business that has been operating for several years now. I need a little creative assistance with choosing the name.

Basically we do SEVERAL different things.
To name a few we help people through probate
we lend small and sometimes even larger amounts of money when people are delinquent with their taxes and the county is about to take it away. In some instances, we've even worked with squatters, either buying out their interest in a home (to get them out of the house, we've paid them to move) and we just sort of assist people in cleaning up titles to their homes, even if they dont own them, we find a way to get title for the person who legally has the most entitlement to it.

pretty much we've just been working off a business name we've had forever (last name, then Enterprise) .... This is for a business card I would like to create tonight/tomorrow.

So far I have:

Name of Business here (House Savers, House Rescue) Something that sounds professional, but easy for the average Joe to remember...any ideas?)

- lend CASH in small and large amounts
- pay tax bills
- buy houses
- pay off mortgages
- help with probate or court issues
- work with heirs or homesteaders

Can you think of a better way to word any of this? Thanks =)
Hi again, and welcome back to Just Answer.

I'd love to help you with your question, but I just have a few questions of my own first, to make sure I understand your situation completely.

Are 'House Savers' and 'House Rescue' two of the names you are considering?

With all the services you provide, is your main purpose to keep people in their houses when they may not be able to pay their property taxes, and all the other situations you mentioned, etc.? Would you prefer the name to have the word 'House' or 'Home' in it?

Thanks for all your additional detail.

Hi again,

What do you think of 'Creative Home Solutions'.

I'm still working on others.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

that sounds really good =) haha sometimes just a fresh approach will do. How about the rest of the info? Im wondering how it would look good worded.


Well, primarily, we like to buy out people's interest because we would gain more profit, however any deal to put together is so rare but they usually do happen a few times a year. So yeah preferrably we like to get them they move out...this kind of deal is also easier for us to put together because say for instance if a niece is living in her aunts house, who never had children and the niece just 'moved in'...and then chooses to never pay the taxes, the home WILL go to sell at the county auction. Usually a week or so before the sale I'll stop by, and offer them say, 15K to move out and sign their interest over, then from there I'll spend about 20K with attorney and court fees, see if there are any other heirs/relatives to track down, spend 50K remodeling the home, paying a realtor 10K to list/sell the home, and then of course the initial paying of the back taxes which can sometimes add up to as much as $15k ~ so it can be a very costly event ~ and that is without 'surprises' and extra expenses. Of course we are open to anything, and to lure in phone calls to then negotiate and hear their full scenario. Any ideas are welcome. I just want it to sound like we have A LOT to a more unconventional way/method of Real Estate. Also because some people do not have permission to be IN the they may be frightened to call, when I can really help them.

Hi again, and thanks for your reply.

I'm glad you liked that one. I came up with some others, too:

Instead of using 'house' in the title of the business, how about 'home' instead?

"Home Solutions", "Home Savers", "Home Aid", "Reliant Home Solutions", "Reliable Home Solutions", "Rescue Home Solutions".

Let me work with the other items for a little while and I'll get back to you on that part.

Will these items be listed on the business card, too, or just as a 'blurb' about what your business does, which will appear in a brochure, etc.?

Best regards,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It'll be on the business card so just a short answer/way of writing, just so that it makes sense. Thanks =)
Hi again, and thanks for your reply.

Here are some additional ideas:

In a bind? (OR--"Between a Rock and a Hard Place?") We have your solution!


- Lending CASH (small and large amounts)
- Paying tax bills
- Buying homes
- Paying off mortgages
- Helping you with probate or court issues
- Relocation compensation for heirs/homesteaders

I basically took your services and altered some descriptions a little bit. Is this too long for the business card; do you need it more streamlined? Is the last one alright? Does this describe accurately what you do?

Best regards,
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