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A public library has 516 employees, including 163 librarians.

Resolved Question:

A public library has 516 employees, including 163 librarians. A study of the library staff reveals that 3 out of 30 supervisors in the library branches are male although men make up 25% of the branch librarians. In order to increase the number of male supervisory librarians, the library decides to implement an affirmative action plan that would consider the gender as one component of the decision when promoting librarians. Is this affirmative action plan valid? Explain your answer
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  TeachHelp replied 5 years ago.



It is unclear whether this would be valid under the law, as traditionally, affirmative action plans are designed to increase the utilization of minorities, women, and person with disabilities in job categories where there is a lingering effect of past discrimination, and to correct employment practices that hamper equal protection opportunities. Arguably, it might be possible to show that there were past discriminatory practices against men. Part of an affirmative action plan is analysis of the problems and barriers that need to be changed. If, in analyzing the need for an AAP, it is discovered that there are employment or promotion practices that discriminate on the basis of gender, then those problems could be corrected using an AAP.





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Problems are situations or conditions which need to be corrected or

changed. Barriers are the personnel or management policies, procedures

or procedures that cause the situation or conditions


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