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Consider this: lets suppose I am a novice at searching the

Customer Question

Consider this: let’s suppose I am a novice at searching the Internet. Can you give me some tips for improving my searches? must be atleast 200 words
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  SusanAthena replied 5 years ago.

SusanAthena :

Hi. Thanks for your question! Your custom-written answer is below.

SusanAthena :

Most people know how to use keyword searching on Google. However, there are other strategies for getting better search results. One strategy is to use more specific keywords. For example, a search on "london" will bring up results on London, England but results on London Ontario and Jack London will be buried unless they're specifically requested.

One strategy is to use quotation marks to find words in sequence. For example, searching on Anthony Mark will bring up results on "Anthony Mark", "Mark Anthony", "Mark S Anthony" and so on. Searching on "Mark Anthony" will eliminate any results that don't have those words in sequence.

Another way of limiting search results is using the "-" operator. For example, if I'm looking for information on my friend Tom Brady, I can search on "Tom Brady -football -superbowl -patriots" to limit the results to those that might be relevant.

Finally, I can search within a particular domain. For example, if I know I saw a funny picture of a cat on reddit, I can look for it by searching " funny cat". That will return results only within the particular domain.

Once search results are returned, I should remember to inspect them critically. Most people only look at the first page of results, but there can be better quality or more relevant results farther down. In addition, I should make sure that I don't get fooled into thinking that paid ads are real search results, and I should be wary of pages that may have used search engine optimization to artificially inflate their results. These results may be overly commercial and less informative than results that naturally move to the top of the results list, which will tend to be better quality and more relevant.

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