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I have a paper on Hinduism that is due is there anyway that

Customer Question

I have a paper on Hinduism that is due is there anyway that I can get help

Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion?
What are the Cultural and Societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated?
Explain the desire for liberation from earthly existence
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.

Good morning,

I would be happy to provide you with this assignment. Please let me know when this is due and if there is a required length, (i.e word count or page length.)

Thank you kindly



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
- Submit a(NNN) NNN-NNNNword paper. The paper should be formatted following
APA guidelines, and answer these questions:

1. Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what
makes=up the Hindu religion?
2. What are the cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism
vital to the region in which it originated?
3. Explain the desire for liberation from earthly existence.
- Post as an attachment.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That is all the information that my instructor give basically we have to do
research on Hinduism and answer those questions I sent to u. Will u be done
by 11:00p.m.
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
Yes, I can have this posted for you by 11:00 p.m. tonight, do you want me to do this for you?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes please

Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
o.k., I will have it posted for you by 9:00
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
just wanted you to know that I am working on your paper know and you will have it shortly
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thanks so much


Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
Good afternoon,

Thank you for allowing me to assist you with this assignment. The following is the information that you requested: ( word count of 710 )

Hinduism is the world's third largest and oldest religion. Even though Hinduism has withstood the test of time from generation to generation and has such a large following, there are several misconceptions about his religion. The history of Hinduisms can be traced back to 5000-10,000 B.C. There are more than one billion people that consider themselves followers of the Hindu religion.

Most of the Hindus live in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. There is also a considerable presence in other parts of the world as well However, about 85% of HIndus do live in India, and this is why India is also called "Hindustan". The people that follow Hinduism are referred to as "Hindus".

Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, there are several uniting elements that bind the followers of this religion. Hinduism has evolved over thousands of years and its' teachings are largely based on the teachings from Vedas. The Hindus believe in one God named as "Brahman" but view other Gods and Goddesses as manifestations of Him. Because of this, in practice, Hindus worship more than one God. Most Hindus worship God in the form of an idol. For example, rivers, mountains, trees, and animals that are useful for human beings are revered in Hinduisms. It is important to note that cows are the most revered animal in the Hindu religion.

There are some specific cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated. For example, India is the home of four great religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The parents, teachers, and food in the culture are considered to be next to God and wasting food is considered to be a very bad habit. Another influencing factor is the policy on money. It is believed to be bad Karma to lend money on interest. Acupuncture and acupressure are also vital parts of the Hindu customs.

Hindus believe in the liberation of earthly existence for several reasons. There are four objectives to Hindu life. These are Dharma,(righteousness), Artha, (wealth), Kama,(desire), and Moksha, (salvation). According to Hindu beliefs, material possessions are not highly valued. Yoga, meditation, vegetarianism, and meditation are the best gifts of the Hinduism world.

Another reason that liberation from earthly existence is important is that Kama is a major factor in the Hinduism world. Karma means your deeds. Hindus believe that our faith depends upon our Karma. Simply put, you reap what you sow. If you do bad deeds than you will have to compensate for it in this or the next life. Related to this factor of Karma, is the concept of reincarnation. A soul dwells in every living thing. Body is mortal but the soul is immortal. When we die, our soul enters a new body and the cycle of life continues until we get salvation. The material objects and the ties to earth are not a consideration to the Hindu religion.

Hinduism is a collective term that is applied to many philosophical and religious traditions that are native to India. The traditions consider themselves to be timeless, meaning that they have always existed. The collection of scared texts, as a whole, are know as Sanatana Dharma, " The Eternal Teaching." The exact beginning point of Hinduisms is impossible to determine because it evolved as time and culture impacted the religious ideas of early India. Many Hindus do recognize a large diversity of Gods and Goddesses, as previously mentioned, and this is referred to as the Hindu, "Trinity.". It is important to note that many people believe that all Goads are actually manifestations of one.

There is much that can be learned by investigating the Hindu religion. The simple fact that this religion has withstood so many years of change and outside influences and has continued to be such as highly followed religion expresses the commitment of the people who follow this religion.


It was a pleasure doing this for you. Please remember to click the accept button so that I may get paid. Feel free to request me in the future,Customer
Have a great day
Lisa L. Kawecki and other Writing Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Will this paper pass throught the plaragrism checker because I cannot afford to get kicked out of college

Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
I honestly do not know why you would ask me this. In addition to being an expert on the site, I am a certified teacher and teach college classes in the evening. I would fail anyone who cheats. In addition, since your paper was not very long in length, I did it right away for you as a courtesy.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I apologize did not mean any harm and again thank you and I do have another paper that is do next week and I would like to know would you like to help me out on it. It will be on Islam will send you the information shortly.Smile
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
That is quite alright. I do realize that it is hard to communicate online. I just wanted you to know that the reason you got this quickly was I wanted you to be able to meet your deadline.

I would be happy to help you with your next assignment. I have several regular customers that request me. This way you know who is helping you and that it will be done. When you send it make sure to request me and let me know length and due date.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My paper has to be in APA format and the referrence as well is there a way that you can do it

Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
I provided three resources along with the required word count. The answer box only allows experts to type in a certain manner. What additional info. are you asking about?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Here is the information for my paper that is due next week....


World Religions Report


  • Select a religion that is not your own and then visit a place of worship and interview a person of that faith.
  • Write a 1,750- to 2,000-word informative paper about the religion.
  • Compare your selected religion with at least one other religion you are familiar with through this class.
  • Include the following elements:

    • Introduction of the religion
    • Name, location and review of the site.
    • Interview summary
    • Comparing and contrasting with another religion
    • Conclusion
    • References

  • Format your paper according to APA standards
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.

I will be happy to do this for you, since this paper is double the length of the paper that I wrote on Hinduism, would you be willing to pay more or a bonus due to the length?

If so, I can have this posted for you on Monday afternoon, April 9th, unless you need it before.

Let me know on both questions.
Have a great evening
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I would love to give u a bonus because you are a very helpful to meSmile
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.

Thank you.

I will have this posted for you on Monday(April 9th)

Have a great day


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello Lisa


I am writing to see if you did that assignment that is due this Sunday

Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
Good evening,

I had a death in the family this weekend, and as a result, I have been working non-stop today. I began your paper, as I was hopeing to get it done and posted this evening. Due to my family issue, I can't seem to find enough hours in today.
I will opt out so that someone else can help you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry for your lost..... I just looked on my student website and its not due until next Sunday so is it possible that you will still be able to due it.
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I can have this written and posted for you on Friday evening, (April 13th.) That will give me time to get caught up and it will provide you with the paper before your due date.
Have a great evening
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
just wanted you to know that I am in the process of writing and posting your essay on religion, and you will have it shorltyKiss
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



Hope everything is going well with you thanks alot for helping me with this paper and just to make sure everything is correct the paper is on Islam and I will have your bonus waiting for you..Have a blessed weekendLaughing

Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
Good evening,

Thank you for allowing me to assist you with this assignment. The following is the information that you requested: (word count of 1,765 )


Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic faiths. Judaism is the religion and the way of life for the Jewish people. The basic laws and tenants of Judaism come from the the first five books of the bible, which is known as the Torah. The most significant tenant of Judaism is that there is only one God, incorporeal and eternal, and this God wants all people to do what is just and merciful. 1 People who believe in Judaism also hold two other beliefs to be very important, that all people are created in the image of God and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Jewish people believe in serving God by studying, praying, and by observing the commandments that are established in the Torah. This is referred to as a faithfulness to the biblical Covenant and is generally understood to be the "vocation," "witness", and "mission" of the Jewish people.2

The act of praying is a very important part of the day to day life of Jewish people. Daily prayers are said three times a day, in the morning, the afternoon, and after sunset. When a congregation prays together, this takes place in a synagogue. This is the Jewish house for praying and worshiping. There are specific days that are the main days for prayer to be conducted in the synagogue. Mondays and Thursdays are the Sabbath, and what is referred to as the High Holy Days. When services take place in the synagogue on these days, the services includes readings in Hebrew, and these come from the Torah and the Prophets. The services for the Jewish people are given by their Holy Man, who is a rabbi,an ordained religious leader.

Two major events in the lives of Jewish people are what is known as the Bar Mitzvah, for boys, and the Bat Mitzvah for girls. This ceremony is a coming for the Jewish child. The girls' Bat Mitzvah occurs at the age of twelve, while the boys' Bar Mitzvah occurs at the age of thirteen. During this ceremonial coming to adulthood, the boy or girl is called to the front of the synagogue to read a portion of the Torah in front of the congregation.

It is important to realize that the degree of observance is different between the three major contemporary trends in Judaism. The three major contemporary branches are Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. Traditional Jewish people observe the dietary laws that are from the Book of Leviticus. These laws prohibit eating meat and dairy products at the same meal, and include the necessity for the meat that is consumed to come from an animal that was treated humanly. There is also a prohibition against pork, shell-fish, and blood.

Judaism celebrates the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath. This day is very important and no work is permitted, except work that is connected with worshiping and the preservation of life and health. The major holidays are the two days of Rosh Hashana, which is the Jewish New Year. This marks the start of the Ten Days of Awe and it ends with the fast of Yom Kippur, known as the Day of Atonement.

In order to become more familiar with this religion, I decided that it was important to visit a place that was significant to the Jewish people and their religion. I visited a local synagogue and spoke with a rabbi.

The rabbi was eager to help me better understand Judaism and the beliefs and customs of this religion. The first question that I asked the rabbi was, "Is there a meaning for the word synagogue?" He replied by saying, "The word comes from the Greek language and means, assembly."

As I interviewed this pleasant man, we walked through he synagogue and he described the different sections of the building. The main sanctuary is a large hall for prayer. There were several smaller rooms. The rabbi told me that these rooms are used for studying, especially for boys and girls who are preparing for their Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs. There was one last room, a small social hall. The rabbi told me that receptions are held in these rooms. This place of worship was quite beautiful.

I asked the rabbi why synagogues do not all look alike. He replied by saying," There are no standards laws that govern the layout of a synagogue, so that is why their is no set architectural design. Some synagogues resemble a Chinese Temple, but there is no set rule for design." The rabbi also added that ,"there is one element that is a must for the interior of a synagogue, that is the table that the Torah is read from. This is called the Torah ark, and it has a cabinet in which the Torah scrolls are kept."

The tour and the answer that the rabbi provided for me were enlightening and helpful. I thanked the rabbi for his time and helpfulness.

One religion that is often compared and contrasted with to Judaism is Christiantiy. These two religions are both quite old and steeped in history and traditions. Christianity does have a close relationship with Judaism, both in the historical and the theological sense. Jesus' family followed Jewish customs and Jesus frequently quoted the Hebrew Bible. In addition, Jesus, the twelve disciples, the author of most of the New Testament, and the members of the earliest Christian churches were all Jews. These are the main reasons why there is such a connection and many comparisons made between Judaism and Christianity.

Other similarities between these two religions are the fact that Judaism and Christianity were both founded in Palestine and both religions have a very large following. Christianity is ranked the largest religion with 159 millions followers in the United States alone. Judaism is ranked as the twelfths largest religion, and has a reported 5.6 million followers in the United States. In addition, both of these religions use the Bible as the sacred text.

The modern human authority for Christianity is the pope and the rabbis for Judaism. Another difference is the doctrines that each religion follows. Christianity adheres to the Apostle's Creed, and the Nicene Creed. In contrast, Judaism adheres to thirteen Articles of Faith. One other main difference between Christianity and Judaism is in the nature of God. Christianity believes in the Trinity, one substance and three different people. In contrast, Judaism believes in unity, one substance, and only one person.3

Christianity and Judaism both believe in angels and demons and both believe that Jesus died by being crucified on the cross. The similarities between these two religions have often led to the debate regarding how important are the differences between these religions. Followers for both of these religions have said that the similarities bind the two faiths while the differences make it possible for spirited debates. When I interviewed the rabbi he told me that many of the older generation often like to tell this to their younger family members.

The aspects of these two different religions that have led to lively debates are in some of the following differences. The house of worship for Christianity is known as a Church, chapel, or cathedral, whereas the house of worship for Judaism is a synagogue. Judaism has only two religious leaders, the rabbi and the rebbe. Christianity has many religious leaders that are in rank of importance., the priest, bishop, archbishop, patriarch, pope, pastor, minister, and preacher. Two other major differences are in the sacred rituals and the central religious holy days. The central rituals for Christianity are baptism and communion, while the central ritual for Judaism is observing the Sabbath, wearing the talit and teflin, and prayer services.

Finally, the central religious days and holidays are different. Christianity celebrates Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, while Judaism celebrates Yom Kippur, Days of Awe, and Passover. 3 The major symbols for Christianity are the cross, crucifix, and dove, while the major symbols for Judaism are the Star of David, Chai, and tree.

Judaism is the religion of he Jewish people. This religion is a complex phenomenon of a complete way of living for the Jewish people that combines theology, law, and cultural traditions. The ancient Israelites' entire method of existence was affected by their beliefs that throughout history they stood in a unique relationship with the divine being. The people of Israel believed very firmly that their response to the divine presence in history was not only central for themselves but for all mankind. The Jewish people believed from the beginning of this religion that God had revealed in a certain way the structure of communal and individual life to his people.

The history of Judaism has experienced significant political battles that were not easy to come back from, and this is a testament to the power of the Jewish people. Through the years of the Holocaust and the total devastation of life and loss of loved ones, this religion, and those that follow this religion and its' beliefs have remained strong in the love and dedication the Judasim. Very few religions have the abilitiy to remain strong through persecution and trials the way that the Jewish people have been able to do. This is not to say that this religion is better than others, or that the followers of Judasim have more faith than those of other religions, it is simply a fact that is in the history of Judasim and the Jewish people.

It is truly remarkable that in more than 4,000 years the history of the Jewish people has continued to remain a source of inspiration for their families and communities. The Jewish people have their religion have displayed a remarkable ability to be adaptable to change without loosing a core sense of their beliefs.


It was a pleasure doing this for you. Please remember to click the accept button, and please feel free to request me in the future.
Have a great evening,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Im so sorry I thought I mention it to you I will see can I change my paper to what you have already did please forgive me for my mistake
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
hopefully you can change the topic
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Waiting on a reply from my instructor
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
I will keep my fingers crossed, but please keep in mind that I did provide exactly what was stated in the question
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello how are you I hope fine...I writing because I need help on a paper that is do today around six and it is on How the dollars from HealthCare costs are spent and it has to be APA formatted with the proper citation. The length of the paragraphs are from 75 to 150

Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
It is nice to hear from you, I have not heard from you since I wrote a paper for you on April 13th on Judaism and you forgot to mention that it was to be on Islam. You said you were going to contact your instructor. I never heard back from you nor did you accept my paper?????
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My house had got broken into and didnt have and access to a computer and I had to retake the class

Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.
I am very sorry to hear about your house getting broken into, that is very scary,
I am booked for today, I will not be able to complete your assignment before 6:00 today, since this is posted with the two paper that I wrote for you, you will need to post this as a new question
Best of luck
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok thanks
Expert:  Lisa L. Kawecki replied 5 years ago.

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