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For this project, analyze below case study questions using

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For this project, analyze below case study questions using the concepts covered in Applied Behavioral Analysis 2nd edition, 2007 (***** *****, Timothy Heron, W Heward). While you should rely primarily on the textbook readings, you also may use other Internet research should you choose. Case Study 1 Bobby Bobby's room is in a constant state of disarray. His father, Mr. Kelley, would like to increase his son Bobby's frequency of cleaning his room. A behavior modification program incorporating the concept of operant conditioning will be used to address this problem. Please answer the following questions: 1. Identify the target behavior and describe that behavior in 1 or 2 sentences. 2. Define operant conditioning and discuss how this method works to increase desired behavior. 3. Define positive reinforcement. What issues are involved in the selection of appropriate and effective reinforcement? 4. Choose two possible schedules of reinforcement discussed in the text and explain how you would implement each schedule as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each schedule selected. Case Study 2 Jackie Jackie has been afraid of dogs since she was a toddler. When she was three years old, she was playing in her front yard when a neighbor's dog came up to her and bit her hand. The bite required a trip to the pediatrician and several stitches. Twenty years later, she can remember every detail of the event. Now when she sees dogs or one comes near her, her heart pounds and she feels sick to her stomach. Normally, she could simply avoid dogs, but she is getting married to a dog breeder in six months. Jackie is coming to you for help with her fear of dogs. 1. Discuss one behavioral theory that could explain why Jackie has remained fearful of dogs. 2. What kind of behavioral modification program can be designed for Jackie so that she does not experience fear when seeing dogs? Case Study 3 Emma Emma is 4 years old and refuses to clean up her toys after playing. Her parents have tried many different strategies, including rewarding her after cleaning, and giving her a time-out when she doesn't listen. Often what happens is that Emma gets angry when it is clean-up time and throws a tantrum. She yells and screams and sometimes even throws her toys, creating a bigger mess. Her parents feel that the only way to stop the tantrum is to pick her up and then clean up for her. 1. Discuss the principles of operant conditioning that are underlying Emma's behavior. 2. Describe how you could apply operant conditioning theory to create a behavior modification to address Emma's behavior. 3. Explain how the concept of extinction of behavior could be applied in this case.
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I need an answer by 5pm today. I have to start writing tonight to submit by tomorrow 12 midday.thanks.
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I have to start writing by 11am. This is due today. If someone could help by 11am would be appreciated. Thanks.
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