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Please completely re-word by tomorrow (friday) afternoon. Phase

Customer Question

Please completely re-word by tomorrow (friday) afternoon.

Phase 1 -- Construct a perceptual map

The motor cycle industry is growing but the CruiserThorr sales are decreasing. The target customers are getting older, and the younger customers are focused more on less-expensive motorcycles. Also, the CruiserThorr's lifestyle image is not as appealing to the younger crowd. My job in this phase was to determine four fundamental parameters that are relevant to the motorcycle industry and that reflect the highest potential for CruiserThorr. I chose Lifestyle Image, Price, Service Offerings, and Quality Engineering. Image is important because people tend to buy brands that reflect a certain image. Price is very important because it drives people to purchase an item or not. Quality anything goes along with price so I chose that, and service offerings are what keeps customers loyal. These components together seemed like the best combination and I was right on the money!

Phase 2 -- Create a marketing plan

The map revealed the motorcycle's position in the market which was not helping sales. I was also able to see the positions of the competition. My next task was to decide if I should maintain the current strategy and enhance it, or go in a different direction by launching a new motorcycle that appeals to a younger market. I chose to reposition the CruiserThorr and provide financing options and increase services. The bike holds an image and there isn't a problem with the bike, its just trying to make it more accessible to the younger crowd. Launching a new bike could be a bad idea because you don't know how successful it will be. I chose to maintain the price because decreasing the price could associate less quality and increasing the price would just add to the issue. For place I chose dealers, distributors, and the internet. The internet is important because it is a quick way to reach many people. For promotions I chose to offer test rides, sponsor events, and celebrity endorsements. These things are a way to get the bike out there and let people try it themselves. It says that the company is confident in their motorcycle. For services I chose training to the dealer, customization, services to owners, and financial services. This appeals to younger crowds because it gives them the opportunity to finance the bike and customize it to their liking. It also allows dealers to be trained with the knowledge they need to market the bike, and services to owners which provides a long-term relationship. I did great on everything, but I should have also picked used in Hollywood films. I didn't choose this because I didn't know if everyone would know what type of bike it was being used, so I stuck with celebrity endorsements.

Part 3 -- Interpret Research Findings

This part was where I needed to interpret the findings for the results. For image I chose a 9 because the CruiserThorr is big on upholding the image. For quality engineering I also chose a 9 because it has shown to be a quality bike. For price I chose a 6 because it was out of the younger crowds price range which was part of the main issue. For services I chose a 7 because I felt it was in the range of the others. I was correct on image and services, but one over the actual results of quality engineering and price.

My results we as expected it would be in the simulation. When marketing, you have to understand the problem itself and the best way to position the products and services. A new product was not the answer because you don't know what the outcome will be. The CruiserThorr is a quality bike that just needed to adjust the marketing/services to reach a larger market. The product will now have a longer life-cycle because of the new options available to consumers. The company just needed to select the right options/opportunities to uphold the image and appeal to an expanded market.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
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