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200-300 words Need to day please Cognitive abilities and achievement tests assess different aspects of a student. Can one style of test can be more influential on the perspective of a student than the other? Could someone place more weight on the results a cognitive ability test or intelligence test and discount the results of a achievement test? Do we place too much value on these tests to assess students? Are they as accurate as they should be or can they be skewed to favor one group of students over another?
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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Is it opinion or based on research.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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In today's educational world, teachers are often driven to perform as a result of student test results. Many utilize cognitive/intelligence tests as a baseline which measures an in depth exploration of concepts, processes, and patterns of interpretation. Others primarily prefer to use achievement tests that measure acquired leaning in specific subject areas and the strengths and weaknesses of such skills and knowledge over a period of time. Nonetheless, the cognitive test can be more influential on the perspective of a student than the achievement test. The cognitive test is a much more appealing test because it focuses more on what the student already has the ability to do and know whether it may be on the high end of the spectrum or the low. No preparation is needed for the test. It uses the student's innate abilities. The achievement test is based on what then student must learn. If the student has learned the information, the test results will reflect that issue. However, an individual in the field of education could place more weight on a cognitive ability test because many more positive aspects will be evident even if the percentile scores are low. Unfortunately, today's educators place an enormous amount of emphasis on assessment results. Instruction is actually now test driven. Teachers just teach basically to test. It is such a disservice to our precious students. Tests are are not even accurate because the results can be skewed and favor more economically advantaged students and English only students who have more resources available to them to succeed. Also, many teachers have resulted to cheating on tests due to pressure from principals to improve.

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