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#1 An Associated Press/AOL poll of 1000 U.S. adults, taken

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An Associated Press/AOL poll of 1000 U.S. adults, taken April 18-20, 2005 and appearing in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram on April 22, asked about some of the consequences of the rising cost of gasoline. Of those sampled, 58% had reduced their driving, 57% had cut back on other expenses, 41% had planned vacations closer to home and 41% said that they may buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

a. Identify the population and sample for this study.
b. Are the percentages provided descriptive statistics or inferential statistics? Explain your answer.

30 Memorial Day Poll. An on-line poll conducted over one Memorial day Weekend asked people what they were doing to observe Memorial day. The choices were:
(1) Stay home and relax,
(2) Vacation outdoors over the weekend, or
(3) Visit a military cemetery. More than 22,000 people participated in the poll, with 86% selecting option 1. Discuss this poll with regard to its suitability

Prozac (fluoxetine hydrochloride), a product of Eli Lilly and Company, is used for the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and bulima nervosa. An issue of the magazine Arthritis today contained an advertisement reporting on the “…treatment-emergent adverse events that occurred in 2% or more patients treated with Prozac and with incidence greater than placebo in the treatment of depression, OCD, or bulimia.” In the study, 2444 patients took Prozac and 1331 patients were given placebo. Identify the:
(a) Treatment group
(b) Control group
(c) treatments

1) a) Population consists of all U.S. adults and sample consists of those 1000 who took part in poll.
b) These percentages are descriptive statistics as they describe the distribution of sample only, without being generalized for population.

2) As the poll was conducted online on Memorial day, clearly most of the respondents had to be those who were on their PCs and thus were staying home and relaxing. Thus, the result would obviously be biased in favor of option 1.

3) a) Treatment group consists of 2444 patients who were given Prozac
b) Control group consists of 1331 patients who were given placebo.
c) Treatments are Prozac and no-Prozac(placebo).

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