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Why is tone very important when communcating online

Resolved Question:

Why is tone very important when communcating online?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  Seanna replied 6 years ago.
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Please let me know how long you need the answer to be and if you need a reference with it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The answer needs to be between 100-200 words. I do not need a reference.
Expert:  Seanna replied 6 years ago.
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Tone is both harder to convey in an email communication and yet even more important to convey in the absence of body language and other cues to meaning that occur in face to face communication. This is because email communication only allows for one method of transmitting a message, writing. In contrast, even on phone calls, communication occurs via words but also via intonation, pitch, rhythm and more. In person, these two sources (words and voice) are augmented by many other physical signs such as eye contact, posture, proxemics, haptics, and more. In other words, email is a precise form of communication that can be seen as content-poor. If an email does not convey an appropriate tone, but is perceived as rude, unprofessional, inappropriate, or ambiguous, many negative outcomes may occur. The recipient may well feel slighted or upset in these cases, or unsure of how to proceed. In conclusion, then, in order to successfully convey the true intent of an email, the author must focus on understanding their audience and using their knowledge of audience when crafting the message. This requires careful word choice and the use of appropriate phrasing, proper forms of address, and etiquette.

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