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How does science play a role in your everyday life Do you

Resolved Question:

How does science play a role in your everyday life? Do you think that science is being used more or less as technology increases?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  James24255 replied 6 years ago.
Science plays an increasingly greater role in every aspect of everyday life. On a general level, this can be simply categorized as home life, activities we engage in to maintain ourselves and our home, work life, how we work to care for our families, and social life, how we interact to maintain communities and personal relationships. By evaluating the impact of science and technology in these areas, while it is apparent that science may appear to be used less as technology increases, it is more likely that science is simply integrated into new technologies.

When it comes to home life, science plays an important role in the production of the food we eat, how it is grown, treated, transported, and preserved. Maintaining a home involves science related to how to safely keep a home sanitary, what products to build a home from which will be fire retardant, structurally sound, and will not pose a health risk to inhabitants, as in the case of asbestos. Science has led to the adoption of health and safety standards which essentially define the constraints in which new technologies are developed. In this case, as new technologies grow, they can hone efficiencies and make production and maintenance involved in home life less expensive or more convenient, within a sound scientifically supported environment.

The workplace has certainly seen great benefits from both science and technology. Besides improvements in manufacturing processes and machinery which leads to increased production, computer science developments have streamlined many types of work which could require much more manpower to accomplish in times past. Instead of traditional commuting, more and more workers are able to leverage technology to accomplish the same tasks from home. In some respects, the development of new technologies has facilitated an increased scientific developments and application as the ability to share ideas and collaborate become less and less expensive.

Perhaps the greatest impact in everyday life is the role of science and technology in social interaction and community development. With the rapid growth of social media and web based communication over the last 15 years, it has become increasingly easier to foster relationships without the requirement of proximity. The ability to travel has become increasingly easier with the ability to map out routes or use GPS technology. Inherent in these technologies in particular is the blending of science, as telecommunications continue to leverage areas relating to how people live, shop, and interact with one another.

When evaluating the role of science and technology in everyday life, it is easy to see how both aspects can be taken for granted as we continue to depend on them. Hand written calculations are a thing of the past for most people, most do not worry themselves with the safety of food purchased at a store, and the free flow of information in a wide variety of mediums makes the ability to communicate with others no concern at all. While the continued growth of technology often translates into the user of that technology not having to apply the science themselves, the integration of science in that technology is clearly present, and continues to be leveraged in new and exciting ways.
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