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Judy Bailey
Judy Bailey,
Category: Writing Homework
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Experience:  Teacher at Sonoma County Schools
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I will like a very good "PERSONAL STATEMENT" to be written for me to apply for Fellowship program at a highly known Hospital as a "Pediatric Endocrinology". I am currently a second year Medical resident at an hospital and I will like a very good Personal Statement that can boost my application for the position.

Hello, my friend. When would you like the personal statement completed by?


What is your past medical experience related to this position?

What are your strengths in the medical field?

List 5 adjectives that describe you as a person.

How do you overcome adversity or challenging situations?

How do you relate with others?

Why are you pursuing this Fellowship opportunity?





Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I will like it asap today


I will refer you to another expert who can assist you today.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok, am working on d questions u sent

Hello, Expert4U has referred you to me. When you post the answers to the questions, I will start working on your personal statement.


Have a wonderful day,



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am a second year medical resident specializing in Pediatrics


I believe you can help me fill in the adjectives to sell myself better but few are, goal oriented, hardworking, professional, reliable and etc


I do research based on my knowledge base and ask alot of questions from my seniors and peers


I relate very well with people because I am a people's person


Acceptance to a fellowship in Pediatrics endocrinology would serve as a stepping stone to my personal and professional development



Was there a certain event or moment in your past that made you want to study medicine, and in particular, help children?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have been studying Medicine for over 6 years now, am not a medical student no more but already a Resident Doctor doing my residency in Pediatrics.


The reason why I strongly desire to enter pediatric endocrinology fellowship is due to a new found interest in clinical and basic science research.


I have a rough draft that I started which may be of help:


I had a comfort level I admitted a patient named GA, a well known 18 year old non-compliant type 1 diabetic who had a history of frequent admissions to the pediatric ICU due to diabetic ketoacidosis. This patient was going from profoundly hyperglycemic after glucose correction, to morbidly hypoglycemic less than 2 hours later. There was much confusion among residents and staff regarding the lack of positive response to this patient's management plan. This confusion persisted until there were valid suspicions of surreptitious insulin use by the patient. Once this suspicion was validated by critical laboratory values, many reasons why this patient's clinical course was so protracted became quite clear.

This patient exposure played a significant role in developing my interest in pediatric endocrinology. From this patient, I was able to see many complications of long standing uncontrolled Type I DM, including diabetic induced gastroparesis, chronic yeast vaginitis, flash pulmonary edema, supraventricular tachycardia, and urinary retention, all in a single patient. What further peaked my interest was the pathophysiology behind the clinical picture. The more I read about Type I Diabetes, as well as Disorders of Growth and Sexual Development, the more I became drawn to the field.


Please kindly check thru my grammar if you are going to incorporate my rough draft in a more furnished one you are writing and please, I need it asap.

I have been working on a draft for you and will send it for your review in a couple of hours.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX the good work in process

Thank you!

Please read through this draft and let me know if this is what you had in mind. If you need for me to make any changes or additions (or even start over), then let me know and I will take care of it for you.


As a mother of a two-month old, I thought about the type of doctor I would want treating my child. Those ideals are reflected in the statement.




If you have trouble opening the file, I will gladly resend it in a different format for you.

verbsrule, Bachelor's Degree
Category: Writing Homework
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, its looking good so far as a good draft. I hope this is not the final version since it doesnt have yet have both a powerful convincing statement and a powerful closing statement.

I agree. I'll keep working on it.


Because I don't know you personally, and the people who will be reading the statement will probably read it before they decide to meet you, what is it about you that would convince them that they should choose you over anyone else?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I believe every good thing to describe a perfect candidate that will sell me enough to be called for an interview and consideration, then I can do my own finishing of prooving myself during an interview


I understand your aim, and I agree. The confounding variable is this. In order for this to stand out, , we must provide some outstanding characteristics which will move you beyond the scores of others hoping for the fellowship.


In other words, if you asked any of the others if they were goal oriented, hardworking, professional or reliable, then obviously the answer would be "yes." No one achieves an internship without being all of those things. They're probably polite, empathic, good listeners...yada, yada.


So, if this letter is going to get you to the interview, we have to get beyond the cookie cutter responses. I mean, think very hard about this - it's your passion - how would you describe yourself? Outgoing? Reserved? You mentioned you're a people's person, so does that mean high energy or passive listener -- both have their merits. Are there any altruistic pursuits that you involve yourself in?


Right now, we're trying to make cinnamon rolls with only flour as an ingredient --







Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am outgoing.

I am a high energy person



With all due respect, I'm going to opt out of this question, and allow another expert to help you. I'm not comfortable that I could provide you with material that would satisfy your requirement of entry into a medical fellowship with the material you've allowed me.


I have provided you a framework draft which you can feel free to use in this process.


I do wish you the best in your admirable calling,



Hello, Gwyn has asked me to try to assist you in writing the best personal statement possible. I have used a good deal of her framework, plus your paragraphs regarding a patient care.

Let me know if this draft meets with your approval.


PLEASE NOTE: Responses here are for information/education only. They are to provide guidance and samples for your use.


Your deposit does not automatically transfer to me. If you accept my answer, please click ACCEPT. If you still need help or further information, click REPLY and I will be pleased to continue helping you. Please be sure to give feedback so that I can know how to help you in the future. BONUSES ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks! Judy

So sorry, forgot to attach the file. Click here for your answer. If you get a blank page, scroll up and down to see if the link is elsewhere on the page. Please let me know and I'll send it in another method.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i got a blank page
Ok, thanks for trying.

Good luck in your endeavors. Judy
Judy Bailey,
Category: Writing Homework
Satisfied Customers: 2646
Experience: Teacher at Sonoma County Schools
Judy Bailey and other Writing Homework Specialists are ready to help you