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I am getting married in September 2017. What are some things

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Hello, I am getting married in September 2017. What are some things I should consider when choosing a venue?

Hi Hannah,

Congratulations first on the big day that is coming up in a year. So much to plan ahead of time so happy to offer suggestions on what to consider when choosing a venue for your wedding.

1. Consider the location as you want to make the venue easy to reach for the majority of the guests invited. Your guests may be traveling a long distance so consider the best way for them to reach the venue (by car or plane for example). Having an easy venue to travel to will make for happy guests and less stress for the evening.

2. Consider the type of wedding you are wanting to plan as geographical area will pay in the decision. Outdoor or indoor, formal or informal, night or day. All of these considerations will have an effect on the place you want the wedding to take place at.

3. Consider how many guests are being invited. Many venues will ask for a deposit as well as guest count so investigating the various venues you are thinking about would be key as price as well as ratings from other weddings held in the past can make your decision a bit easier.

4. Research is important in finding the right venue as check reviews of the food as well as planning and staff to see that the place you want to book has received quality ratings from other guests.

5. Make an appointment when you are not busy to sit down with staff and see what the venue looks like. Take notes as well as pictures as you will be looking at many venues and over time, they will blend together into one. You might also wish to visit the venue on a weekend just to see what the place looks like for other weddings and if the atmosphere is what you are looking for.

6. Make a list of as many questions as you can think of. Ask to speak to the business manager as well as the catering people to see what is required from them. Ask everything from "how many wedding are held each year" to "are there any plans for construction going on in Sept 2017".

I hope some of these tips are found helpful as please let me know of any additional questions/concerns you might have. Also if you could take a quick moment to rate my assistance so that I know my help was useful tonight.

Best to you in 2017!


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you!