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I am the mother of the groom. The wedding will be in the

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I am the mother of the groom. The wedding will be in the brides home town territory. I want to give a pre- wedding party for family & friends in our home town territory for a couple of reasons. 1.Not all of our family & friends are able to, or can afford to, travel for the wedding. 2. The brides family is very large and resources are not abundant, so, it would cut down on our guest list for the wedding if we could celebrate with some of our family & friends here at home. The question has come up about the appropriateness of inviting guests closer to the grooms home for a celebration without actually sending them an invitation to the wedding .

Congratulations first to your son as well to to you for the big day coming up.

Very common practice to have a party for those that either cannot attend or are just friends and family that are not invited to the wedding for various reasons. You can absolutely send a party invite to each person explaining that you would like them to help celebrate the special day at an event at a later time. Often though, a party will be held after the wedding as the ceremony will be over and those not invited would not feel that they missed out. Having an invite sent a week or so after the wedding would be my suggestion as the way to handle this so friends and family can enjoy celebrating the bride and groom big day.

Some examples for an invite can include:

Short and Simple Wording

Anthony and Jessica
are happy to announce their recent marriage
that took place on April 9.

Please join them for a celebration in their honor
on May 23 at 5:00 p.m.
at the Club.


Mike and Allie are tying the knot in Hawaii on August 3!
Please be our special guest at a party to celebrate their marriage when they return.

September 12 at 6 p.m.
Embassy Suites,***** Anytown

Hope these suggestions are found helpful as please let me know of any additional questions/concerns you might have. Also if you could take a quick moment to rate my assistance so that I know my help was found useful today.

Take care and enjoy the big day coming up.


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks M. And yes I will rate you. Your answer covered a lot of ground, and considered all sides. I like that. I do have a follow up question. My older son got married 5 years ago, they were married in a location of their choice near the city they had been living in for the previous 6 yrs. The bride's friends hosted a very lovely 'engagement party ' in Atlanta, my daughter in laws home town ,about 6 months before their wedding. ( I think ) . AND , we hosted a celebration in our home town about 6 weeks after their wedding. We invited over a hundred people, over half had received wedding invites , but were aware ahead of time that there would be an opportunity to celebrate close to hone w/o the expense and time to travel. Athough I was clear there were no expectations to be present at the party after the wedding, but there were a lot of intersections among family & friends, so quite a few came to both events . ( not Atlanta , which was exclusive to the brides family/friends. The other guests were family & friends , some business, some personal. Either they could not be at the wedding , or there was not room in the maximum guests at the wedding to include them. Here is my additional querie on the subject...a party after the wedding can be very anti-climatic. Although our was a success in many ways, those of us who had attended the wedding were tired and it felt like just too much. The new couple were totally burned out and had to travel again for yet ANOTHER party, when they felt so complete and done! example of why I want to host a party before instead of after. AND ,knowing that I can't call it an 'engagement party' because then I would feel that EVERYONE invited to an engagement party before the wedding would for sure need to receive an invitation to the wedding. That Is my dilemma, I wNt to host something Gregory the wedding and call it a celebration , not an engagement party. It would be a way for the bride and groom to celebrate with family/ friends/ co-workers who either would not, or could not, travel for the wedding, and those who they simply could not afford to add to the guest list for the wedding. So, Michael, this is a long explanation, but can you see the complicated dynamic this presents? I also have two friends who have already said they would like to host something, one would do a traditional girls shower, the other a cocktail reception for the bride and grooms city friends ,co-workers , and colleagues. Then Inwoukd host a third event in a suburb of the city to include ALL the local cousins, family and friends who either could not travel for the wedding or couldn't be included because there was no room left on the guest list. Our plan is to have all three happen on the same (long) weekend, so the brides parents, grandparents and bridal party only had to travel ONCE , and to ONE place to celebrate in the grooms home town. I'm tired of writing , you must be really tired of reading. Do I have to pay again for you to consider this problem and offer your perspective? If not, then bring it on....if I do have to pay, can u let me know ahead of time so I can think about it again? Thanks for 'listening'. MB