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In a traditional wedding the groom's parents pay for the

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In a traditional wedding the groom's parents pay for the rehearsal dinner and is it also the honeymoon? Is there a certain type of gift that is normally given?

Good morning Bernard,

Traditionally for a wedding, the parents of the groom will offer to take care of a few of the expenses such as the rehearsal dinner as well as other items such as liquor for the dinner, marriage license, officiant's fee etc. Modern traditions though are changing as ideas such as the bride and groom's parents can help in splitting the cost of the wedding expenses if budgets allow. Always know though that the amount of money you contribute depends upon your financial situation.

As for a gift, money is always helpful in getting the new couple started in their life together. Since you are already thinking of paying for the items above, consider something as a gift such as a family heirloom (jewelry given to the bride) to something new such as a bottle of nice wine for example. Also paying for the honeymoon in terms of the hotel or resort fee or something sent to the room that will welcome them is a nice touch.

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