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I just booked a huge party and have 12 center pieces that I

Customer Question

I just booked a huge party and have 12 center pieces that I paid $150 for each (plus tax, plus set up fees and break down fees). In total with this company I spent 6,000 on decorations and another $3000 on party favors.
The center pieces were going to be flowers floating in glass vases, but we decided on a more whimsical theme of under the ocean, so chose glass vases with blue water beads and clear balloons with little lights above to simulate being under the water.
Here is may question: When we originally talking with our florist about the floating glass vases, we were told this was something we could keep, but the balloon company is asking for the glass vases back after we spent so much money with them. And I was under the impression that we got to keep the center pieces. (?)
I know that some things are rentals and its very clear like the napkins and table clothes, room dividers, lounge furniture, drape and hang displays, but..
Why are they insisting I return the center pieces to them???
They are specifically asking for the 12 glass containers and the 12 round mirrors they sat on (not the balloons above). IF I had opted for the made to order box container (instead of glass AT THE SAME PRICE) it was made known to me that I could keep them if I wanted and they also had a base made of rhinestone ribbon.
I actually opted for the one I chose because I thought well at least I can reuse the glass vases and mirroe for another party instead of throwing out the custom boxes and the bling platforms.
Now, I found out that they think I "rented" the glass containers and mirrors (at the same dollar amount).
I should have booked out center pieces through the florist who said I could keep the center pieces to di with as I wished.
What is the proper etiquette before I answer them with some educated knowledge.
I need "expert" advice before responding to them.
Thank you so much,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Wedding
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
Hi Ann,Your party sounds like a wonderful event with the theme to be a hit with all that attend. Love the design of the center pieces and colors that are being used to simulate the water.Reading your question and the dilemma that you are in with the return of the center pieces. After reviewing what has occurred, my first thought is that the florist should be the people that are supplying the party favors as the balloon company are just supplying the balloons and little else. It sounds to me that the balloon company wants the center pieces so that they can use them again at your expense.Proper etiquette as well as being a good consumer is to work first with the florist and see if they can work something out with the balloon company in order for you to keep what you have paid for. Review your contract with the balloon company and see if there is a way to cancel without any penalty and go with the florist and another balloon company. If not possible to cancel this late with a major penalty, then try to sit down with the balloon company and explain that you have purchased the center pieces and expect to keep those that you have paid for. A good company will want you as their customer and should work toward making you happy. You may also wish to get the florist involved with speaking with the balloon company as they are working together in this project and see if something can be settled in order for you to keep what you have purchased.
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.
I hope my suggestions can help in getting what I feel is your right to keep the centerpieces that you have paid for. Let me know of any additional thoughts or concerns you might have. If you also could take a moment to rate my assistance as for me to know my help was useful as well as allow me to assist other customers.Take care,Michael