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I am single. I received an invitation to a close friend's daughter's

Customer Question

I am single. I received an invitation to a close friend's daughter's wedding.
I would like to attend with a guest.
What is the proper thing to do??
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Wedding
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Wonderful that you have been invited to attend a close friend's important day in their lives. As for wishing to bring a guest, I would first want to know if the invite has your name on it along with "guest". If so, then by all means that you can attend the event with whoever you choose to bring along. If though that the invite has just your name, it could be that this is a small event and that extra guests could not be included because of cost, venue size etc.The proper thing to suggest would be that if "guest" is not on the invite would be to contact the close family friend and being polite ask if you could attend with a guest so that you would not feel left out along with other couples at the event. Understand though that there may be an issue why they could not include extra people for various reasons (cost, venue size etc). I would believe though that if you went along that they would seat you at the reception with other singles so that you would not feel out of place.