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how does an American man marry a Chinese woman in China What

Resolved Question:

how does an American man marry a Chinese woman in China?
What must be done and how to go about it.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Wedding
Expert:  Timea Varga-Kovacs replied 7 years ago.

In China, the wedding of foreign citizens is not as easy as in USA, e.g. and other countries. Lot of paperwork, lot of time. But it is not impossible, You just must be patient. The rules depends on Your citizenship, but You will need two documents for sure: "certificate of marriageability" and "certificate of marriage". They can be acquired from Your embassy.

(In Macao and Hong Kong the marriage procedure is less time-consuming.)

To get the above "certificate of marriageability" You will need to contact Your embassy or consulate with the following docs:
- passport
- if You are divorced or widowed, official proof of Your status
- national ID card
- the Chinese bride residency permit (she has it)

Certificate of marriage:
- obtain from the city/town in which You wish to marry or the city of residence of Your Chinese bride (marriage certification office)

I hope, my answer was helpful for You. If it is so, please accept it!

Best regards,

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