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My golf is throwing a 17964 code as well as a glow plug

Customer Question

my golf is throwing a 17964 code as well as a glow plug code. It was doing this during a road trip so I stopped at a foreign auto shop. At the shop they replaced the vacuum pump, the turbo, the vacuum lines, checked the MAF sensor, checked the exhaust and the actuator, and said that is all good. I changed the boost control valve. I haven't been able to check the work, but they seemed reputable. It is still throwing this code and not getting adequate power. I'm really grasping at straws here.
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Technicaldan replied 3 months ago.

Hello, sorry no one has answered you sooner, I will do my best to help you.

Given what you have wrote above and on the assumption that the work so far is of a good standard,

I would be checking the condition of the pipes for boost leaks, the condition of the air filter and checking the intercooler for any blockages.

I note no mention of the map sensor being checked, cleaned or replaced and would consider this also as they can be a common issue on VAG group engines.

MAP (Mainfold Absolute Pressure) Measures the actual pressure in the manifold which the ecu uses to calculate fueling.

MAF (Mass Air Flow) Measures the amount of air entering the air intake and the temperature for density, gives the ecu something to estimate what boost it should see from.

I hope this helps you, please let me know if you need anything further (please note I am uk based and on gmt)

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Filter looks decent, they checked the MAF and it seemed in good operation. Not sure about the map however. I'll let you know after further testing.
Expert:  Technicaldan replied 3 months ago.

Okay, I've known a few map sensor issues on these, fingers crossed that is all it is.

If you could rate the service received and please do keep me up to date, it's always useful to get feedback for the future.

Good luck and happy motoring!

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I scanned it again got codes:
17055 cylinder 1 glow plug (apparently mechanic hit it during repairs)
16512 coolant thermostat. Temp below regulating temp
16630 turbo wastegate solonoid A high
16629 turbo wastegate solonoid A low
17964 charge pressure control value below lower control limit. I don't have a multimeter to check MAP however there is wetness around which I think maybe the area
Expert:  Technicaldan replied 3 months ago.

Hi, sorry for the delay, it's early Saturday morning here in the UK now.

The 17055 glow plug seems to be covered,

16512 coolant thermostat - If the thermostat is in good order, I would look at the engine coolant temperature sensor as this is what reports,

16629 & 16630 point to faults with the turbo control solenoid, although you say this is replaced? - if it is genuinely in good order the wiring & ecu needs checking,

17964 is lack of boost, as expected with the above two faults.

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