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gomi_otaku, VW Technician
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Experience:  VW FastTrack '00-'01, VW Academy Chicago and Seattle '00-present, VW Certified
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I have a 2002 vw bettle and im having fuel problems. I can

Customer Question

I have a 2002 vw bettle and im having fuel problems. I can hear the fuel pump humming and relay clicking but car will not start. I sprayed starting fluid in it and it starts but will not stay running. Any ideas that i can try? Name is larry
JA: Does the engine turn over? How old is the battery?
Customer: Car turns over fine and battery is maybe a year old
JA: What is the model of your '02 VW?
Customer: 1.8 bettle
JA: Are you hoping to fix this yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Trying to fix myself. Just basic stuff like checking the fuel pump for humming and relay clicking. I did pull one fuel line off and when i turned the key on gas came out for a few seconds and then stopped
JA: Anything else you think the mechanic should know?
Customer: Thats it i think
JA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the VW Mechanic about your situation and then connect you two.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 1 year ago.

Your fuel test is good- when you turn the key on, the system will "prime" the fuel rail with pressure. If you put a glass jar at that fuel line, and try cranking the engine over, you should get flow the entire time you are cranking.

Does your tachometer (rpm gauge) show the engine speed when you are cranking?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I think the tac moves. The fuel stops after a few seconds. I put a code checker on it and it says. 16585 16586 16587 16588 or N30 N31 N32 N33
Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 1 year ago.

Hook the fuel lines back up, it sounds like you are having issues with the fuel injector circuits. A quick and dirty tester can be made for these with a small bulb, like the ones that are in your side "marker" lights in the bumper covers. The peanut-sized bulbs that have a wire loop at each terminal. If you bend that wire loop straight out, you can then insert the bulb into the connector for the injectors in place of the injector, and crank the car- the bulb acts as a "noid light" and will pulse if the injector is getting an injector signal.

Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 1 year ago.

check fuse 29 in the fuse box at the end of the dash area

Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 1 year ago.

If the fuse is good, make sure you have battery voltage there with the key on (both sides of the fuse) and then check at terminal 1 on any of the injector connectors, you should have battery voltage there as well. The ground side of the injector is closed by the ECM

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok ill give that a try and get back to you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok i cant find a bulb to work so i took my volt meter and checked fuse and have power on both sides. I put the volt meter to the injectors plug and it shows 3.45 volts on both wires going to the injectors.
Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 1 year ago.

OK- it sounds like you may have a bad connection at one of the connectors under the battery tray area. There may be corrosion, or just oxidation on the terminals. Have you checked at other injectors to see if there is any difference?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry been working alot. Cleaned they battery box terminals and still no such luck. Have any more ideas?