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I. Silva
I. Silva, VW Technician
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I had to change my battery and now the radio says safe and

Customer Question

I had to change my battery and now the radio says safe and to put a code in. Online it says it should be on a radio card in my manual but I don't have that
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  I. Silva replied 1 year ago.

Hello...welcome and thank you for using Justanswer.

Yes ,usually they give you a card with the radio code .

The easiest way and the right way is stopping at any VW dealer with prof of ownership of the vehicle ,they will run your vehicle VIN and will give you the code for the radio.

VW does this for your own safe ,if your radio gets stolen nobody can use it once they need to prove that they own the vehicle to get the radio code or the radio to work again.

There is another way but it is up to the dealer, you can have your regular shop calling for you ,if they know the people at the dealer ,they may give the radio code.

Good luck.

Thank you very much.

Expert:  I. Silva replied 1 year ago.

Here's also the Top Dead Center marks at the flywheel, transmission side ,top of transmission.

Let ,me know.

Thank you.