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My vw polo 2012 headlights just gne of

Customer Question

my vw polo 2012 headlights just gne of
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

Hello,Welcome to just Answer.

The head lights get their power supply from the light switch. This power supply go directly from the light switch to the dim-bright switch with is also part of the indicator switch. From there the power goes the the fusebox on the following fuses 18 and 19 for the low beams and 20 and 21 for the high beams. The fault usually lies with the dim bright switch as the contacts wears out and start to not make proper contact. To repair this if when you test for power on the fuses and there is none then undo the switch and check on the wiring if there is any power. The White/green and yellow/green are for the dim and bright lights. Should have power in turn high or low beams. The input power from the light switch is on the yellow and red wire. So if the yellow/red wire has power but there is nothing on the other two wires replace the dim/bright switch. if there is power trace the yellow/green and white/green wires to the fusebox for a brake in the wiring.

This information should get you going but should you need more please do not hesitate to ask.