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1997 Volkswagen cabrio auto trans wont shift into 3rd 4th

Customer Question

1997 Volkswagen cabrio auto trans wont shift into 3rd 4th down shifts back down immediately shifts to reverse great
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for choosing Just Answer . I'm Wolfgang here to help!!
Below is my first answer or request for more information. If you do not understand it, or you need more information from me, or need me to go in more detail. Do not rate yet, just reply. Put yourself in my shoes, I can not see, smell, hear, feel or touch your car, nor do I know any history on it. So take into consideration I am doing my best based on what you tell me. Also understand fixing cars often requires sophisticated tools, that you may not own. So even if you can not do what is outlined in my answer, that does not mean my answer is wrong deserving to be rated negative.

first thing I need you to do this. get in the car and turn the key engine not running press and hold the gas pedal for 20 seconds then release and then press and hold for 20 seconds and release . turn the car off and leave off for 1 minute and then start and road test vehicle . does the vehicle shift better?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
it seem to help --seems to shift into 3rd and stay a little longer ? but shifts back down
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 2 years ago.

so if you accelerate then let off of the gas if feels like the engine rpm is braking(slowing) the car down?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
maybe slightly better still wont shift into 3rd gear and not shift back down---I am going to repeat your suggestion today ----wont shift into 4th
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 2 years ago.

ok id you really pay attention to the dash indicator is all of the gears showing blacked or reverse illuminated?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
test drive on three different days--same result- shifts at 2400 rpm and next at 3400 rpm--then shifts down same as before---gear indicator on dash only illuminates D----it almost seems like it is low on trans fluid---there is no dip stick as I can see---there is a hand pump to pump trans fluid into trans---can not find a way to check fluid level---?? HELP !!!!
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 2 years ago.

if you look closely there is a fill tube but very short. usually has a protector red cover then the plug. front side of the trans take the crash protector out then you can see better. this trans takes special fluid VW part # ***** . they come in liter bottles

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
far --mr. wolfman your suggestions have not made any difference....this is holiday weekend
so cool it with the rating thing----I will try every thing you suggest---if your advice helps me with my
shifting problem---I will be glad to rate you----ive been messing with this Volkswagen for 18 months
mostly In a so called professional shop---I am not fond of experts hiding in the shadows giving advice
for money---advice that may not be of any value to me !!!!!!!!!
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 2 years ago.

the rate thing is automated and i have no control of it.

use this you tube link of how to check the level

now if it is low and no leaks are found then you need the level of the differential section of the trans , the speedo sensor needs to be removed and the speedo gear needs to be uncrewed and removed. clean the oil on the speedo gear and then screw it in and then remove again and if the fluid level is over the step at the bottom then the fluid is cross bleedingthrough the pinion seals. it may need the transmission rebuilt due to the low fluid level and driving causing the clutches to overheat and wear.

please keep me in the loop!!