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Vk cabrio mk3 with electrical problem. Emergency flashers

Customer Question

Vk cabrio mk3 with electrical problem. Emergency flashers and rear turn signals do not work. Need help walking me through it.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.

Hello, Welcome to Just Answer,

The fact that you say the rear indicators and the emergency flasher does not work leads me to say the fault lies within the emergency flasher switch. The reason for me to say so is because the emergency flasher switch contacts in side the switch controls the four indicator lights. The switch selects between all four the indicator lights or the steering colom switch.

The only way to test this would be to see if the switch does select between the emergency light s or the L/R indicators.

On the switch you will find the following contacts

1. Black/white/green wire this wire must have power when the emergency flasher switch is selected to be off, and the ignition switch must be on. Power for the L/R indicator switch on the colom.

2. Black/green this is the right side indicator power wire. Will have power when the emergency or normal indicator are on.

3. Black/white this is the left side indicator power wire. same as above.

4. Open not used.

5. Blue/grey this wire works with the dash board illumanation system. Power only when park lights are on.

6. Brown wire earth direct to the body at the earth point under dash board.

7. Black/white this is the ignition power supply to the switch from the fuse box. Will have power when ignition is switched on.

8. Red/green this wire is from the fuse box and has permanent power on.

This information should lead you to where the fault is, but should you need more please do not hesitate to ask should you need more information.



Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.
Did you get the problem sorted?
Just ask if you need more information and I will do my best to assisted you