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My air-cooled, 1964 VW starts right away, runs while and

Customer Question

my air-cooled, 1964 VW starts right away, runs for a while and then stops and won't restart. It stops while idling if my foot is off the gas. the next day (or so) it starts right up again in the same pattern. i.e. first start is always good and then it's very difficult.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.

Hello, Welcome to Just Answer.

The problem might be that there is dirt blocking the idle jet. This jet is located on the right had side of the carburetor. the brass nut that you would see when looking at the carburetor on the right hand side would be the idle jet. you can unscrew it by using a 8mm spanner and clean it by blowing the dirt out.

This should rectify the problem but should you need more information do not hesitate to ask.



Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It has two carbs and the idle jets appear okay -- not sure if it's original engine based on your one/two comment, but it has been that way since I got the car in 1998 and it appeared (appears) original engine. I'm wondering if the carbs are getting gummed up somehow -- it has been awhile since they have been rebuilt. Any other suggestions? The weird part, as noted, is that it starts up just fine. It just won't stay started and then won't restart once it stalls. I checked the gas tank and it's fine. I'm just wondering if the mix is all wrong and it's flooding itself out (or choking itself)....ideas? At this point I'd settle for getting it running long enough to make it 35 miles to a proper volkswagen mechanic.
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.
Having two carbs makes it not standard. Yes I think there must be something wrong like dirt or gumming. The reason for it not to run might be that it is not getting gas. If you smell a strong gas vapor then it must be flooding.
What I am thinking while righting this now is that the fuel pump is not supplying fuel or the fuel filter might be blocked or dirty causing the fuel flow to be restricted. These are the only ideas I have at the moment, hard to say if one can not inspect it by myself..