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Volkswagen Jetta GLS: 2000 VW Jetta gls - was slow power steering

Customer Question

2000 VW Jetta gls - was slow power steering fluid leak 3 weeks ago. Advanced Auto sold me wrong power steering fluid and leak got much worse over 10 days. Correct fluid slowed it untill now leaking REAL BAD again. Started using "power steering stop leak" mixing 1/2 with correct fluid this morning. PCS Automotive told me 3 weeks ago that I need a new rack and pinion "eventually". Couldn't it be a hose or something else? Am i Damaging the power steering pump (new 2 yrs ago). I deliver in this car for a living and work next 3 days. Pls help! Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  I. Silva replied 2 years ago.
Hello...welcome and thank you for using Justanswer.Both are a possible leak ,the rack and pinion usually when it leaks the oil comes out at the dust boots by the tie rod ends.( if the boots are wet ,the problem is the rack and pinion)The pressure hose goes from pump to he rack , usually the rubber section of line is the most common leak.You need to fill it up with fluid and have someone turning the steering wheel for you ,at same time you try to locate the leak.You can drive the vehicle a long as you keep fluid in the reservoir,other wise you will burn your power steering pump.Also ,on this 2000 VW ,you can use any cheap steering fluid or even auto transmission fluid until you fix the problem.Good luck.Let me know if need any other info ,please rate my answer if i have helped.Thank you very much.

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