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Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 se: Took my 2013 2.5SE in oil change

Customer Question

Took my 2013 2.5SE in for an oil change today drove into the Valvoline Oil Change bay. Had to go back to work I said I'd be back in a few hours. I get a call saying my car will not start? I'm like wtf do you mean? Yup it won't start was the response I said it drove in there with no problems. The invoice says " DID OIL CHANGE ZOOMED AND RAN TRUNED OFF TO RESET SCRVICE LIGHT WOULD NOT START BACK UP" the car will not start they then tried to tell me it might be the ABS control module. Then they said or it's the anti theft system locking out the ignition for 24 hours because of opening the door and turning the engine on and off. I had to leave the car in their lot overnight cause they say it will be locked out for 24 hours. VW says there is not such thing. My fear is one of those fools didn't put any oil back in the car then started it and seized the engine. No wonder it didn't restart. But they stand by this 24 hour thing so I don't get it.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Billy replied 2 years ago.
Hello and Welcome! I'm Billy and i will assist you with your inquiry. Feel free to ask if any further info is needed.
My apologies for the delay, thank you for your patience.
There is no 24 hour lock.
the 24 hour window, is probably so they get someone to check it out, and fix it, if it's an easy fix.
However, it does happen, it might be a blown fuse, a faulty sensor (cam or crank sensor) amongst other items.
If the rear brake lights do not come on when brake pedal is depressed, this might be caused by one of the following:
- blown fuse
- brake pedal switch
- ABS (and ESP) module
This all, assuming that the fault was coincidental, and not caused by someone removing or cutting or damaging some wire, sensor (by mistake, i presume).
The best way to proceed now, would be letting the vehicle for the 24 hour period, and see what they say next. You could go and check the car yourself (now, i'm thinking the engine will start, however they dented something and want to fix it before you see the car).
Either way, there is no 24 hour lock, decide what you want to do, and get back to me, so we stay on this, till we get the fix.
Thank you for your trust! Get back to me if you need more assistance...Thank you in advance for the positive rating...

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