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Vw Touareg: I'm Nick I have a 2005 v10 touareg which yesterday

Customer Question

Hi I'm Nick I have a 2005 v10 touareg which yesterday all electrics shut down not even hazards! Just like battery been disconnect. Please help many thanks!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.
Hi Welcome to Just Answer,In the engine compartment there is a fusebox with a few large ampere fuses in there might be one the has blown. Or your battery might have burnt one of the cell to cell jumper connectors off inside the battery causing the battery to not be able to supply any current. To test this you will have to use a ampere meter and a multimeter. Set the multimeter to volts dc and take a reading across the battery post, you should obtain battery voltage around 12-13.5 volts. If you find that there are something like 2 volts that will indicate a defective battery. If the battery reading is ok. open the fusebox lid and use the multimeter to see if you get a battery voltage reading across all the fuses. A blown fuse will only read at the one end of the fuse. ( Do not pull-out the fuses to check them. This will cause the ECM engine control module to loose it's memory and then you will need to reset the ECM.) If all the fuses check use the ampere meter (preferably a clip on type.) to see if there is a current draw on the main battery cable. If there is a draw follow the cable to the starter it might indicate where the current loss is. If there is no draw then the battery terminals might be dirty on the inner of the terminal and not making contact to the battery post. Now remove and clean the inner part of the terminal and the battery post. Before you reconnect the battery hold the positive and negative cables togeter for 5 minutes, not connecting to the battery but each other. Thenopen you driver door, leave it open switch the ignition switch on, then connect the positive terminal first and then the negative terminal. Do a firm connection as there will be some current draw so do not hesitate.I hope this information gets you going but should you need more do not hesitate to ask.Greetings,Martin.
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.
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