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Volkswagen Passat 2.0T: My daughters 2003 Passat is showing

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My daughter's 2003 Passat is showing low coolant level (engine light on dash), but I don't think its at the critical point yet. I'd go and add fluid, but she lives 60 miles from me. I've been looking at 2003 engine pictures so I could show her where to add water to hold her over until I can help her this weekend. It looks like the fluid is added to a translucent white reservoir towards the middle of the engine and it has a blue cap. Is this correct?
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Yes the reservoir is located towards the drivers side middle part of the engine it does has a blue cap on it , try to have her find a dealer that is going to sell the correct pink coolant for the vehicle , it is not recommend to use the green coolant and mix both coolant if the coolant is a little low just have her add water to the reservoir as long as its not too long. I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What do you mean by the phrase "as long as its not too long" in your response, "just have her add water to the reservoir as long as its not too long." Whats too long?


Also, in the old days one should always wait to let the engine cool because removing the cap could release steam risking a burn. Is the VW coolant system under pressure when its hot? I ask this because the white reservoir appears to be plastic so maybe pressure is not as big a deal??

Sorry i meant not too low , yes its under pressure let the engine cool off before removing the cap . Roger i hope this helps .

Positive feedback is greatly appreciated thank you