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Volkswagen Beetle: We have just bought a UK spec 2003 VW Beetle

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We have just bought a UK spec 2003 VW Beetle Cabrio. The driver's side rear window is down and will not go all the way up - it keeps rolling back as if something is in the way or is jamming. The manual says that the roll back can be overidden by using the key, but does not actually explain how to do this. We've tried the manuals suggestion about pressing the window button within 10 seconds of sticking and again within 5 seconds, but that does not work either. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

chris : To use the key method you close all the doors put the key in the driver side door lock and turn the key so the doors lock and hold it the windows will attempt to roll up. These cars are pretty notorious for the rear window regulators breaking. If that is the case it will not roll up all way and will need to be replaced.

Hi Chris. Thanks for the quick reply. I;ve just tried that and the window stops part of the way up. Looks like it could be the regulator, like you say. Is it a big job to replace it?

chris : There is a repair kit that replaces the cables it is pretty labor intensive and without the special tool for the cables it is very hard to her the cables hooked up. There is a lot of tension on the new ones

Ok. I'm not a mechanic by any means. Something we'd be better leaving to the local garage? Any idea (roughly) how many hours it takes?

chris : It should take a couple of hours if you take somewhere that specializes in vw they should not have a problem doing it in a timely manner

Ok cool. Hope you don't mind my asking about a warning light (just thought of it). The exhaust emission warning light came on shortly after we drove the car away and is staying on. Is this bad news??

chris : Probably a sensor fault it won't hurt it to drive as long as it is not flashing the shop can hook up the computer and diagnose it. Probably nothing major

Cool. Chris, thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend. I'll give you a shout if we need any more advice.

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