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Volkswagen Tiguan SE: my brand new volkswagon tiguan wont

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my brand new volkswagon tiguan won't start. when I put the key in the ignition all it does is beep. it won't even let me turn the key. help?!
Greetings JACUSTOMER, It sounds as though the vehicle battery may be too low to initiate the starting sequence. First, try your spare keys and see if they will start vehicle. If so then the key you are using now has a problem communicating with the vehicle immobilizer. your warranty would then replace that defective key. If none of the keys start the vehicle (most likely scenario), then the battery is either faulty or needs to be charged. You can check this with a DC volt meter by hooking meter set to "DC VOLTS" across battery terminals. Reading should be 12.5 volts or higher. If voltage is low, you can charge battery by disconnecting NEGATIVE battery cable first to avoid damaging vehicle electronics and charge on low for approx. 2 hrs.. Reconnect cable and try to start . If you still have a problem then the vehicle immobilizer is active and the dealer will need to flatbed your vehicle to their shop to repair it. If I can assist further please let me know and I will be happy to help you. Thank you, Jeffrey
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I need to go home and get my extra key, before I will know for sure that it is the battery. Also, I didn't think this was relevant because I'm not sure what it would have to do with the starting mechanism, and I thought it was all a horrible coincidence, but my car was towed earlier today for parking in a now parking zone, and it's not starting happened when I went to pick it up at the parking lot to which it had been towed. Is this at all relevant or just bad luck?

Hi Allie, If they left the key in the ignition for an extended period, which is most likely, the computers in the vehicle (more than 30 total) stay "awake" and will draw down the battery in less than an hour. This new info makes me suspect the battery as being the culprit. Make sure they don't try to jump start it with a high powered battery charger since it can cause serious damage to the vehicles computer systems. Either replace the battery or see if it can be charged as I described before attempting to start it. If you need further help I am happy to assist . Thank you, jeffrey
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