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internal88, VW Mechanic
Category: VW
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Experience:  I've been working in the automotive industry for over 10 years. Diagnostic is my strength.
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Volkswagen Beetle: 1998 vw beetle it looks like there is oil

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1998 vw beetle it looks like there is oil in the coolant. 2.0 gas

internal88 : Hello I'm Brandon.
internal88 : Im assuming you are seeing engine oil floating on top of the coolant .
internal88 : This is not going to be a good news.

what is wrong?


how can i fix it?

internal88 : The cylinder head gasket is mostly likey cracked.
internal88 : This is why engine oil is mixed together with the coolant .
internal88 : you could fix it by replacing the cylinder head gasket. This is a metal asker between the head and the engine block.

what is book time to fix it?

internal88 : Give me a few minutes I'm looking it up for you.

how much would a shop charge to fix it?

internal88 : You will have to check the cylinder head for crack.
internal88 : please hold, thanks.
internal88 : 6.5 hours.
internal88 : this is the standard rate.
internal88 : If they have to check the head for crack it will be extra hour.
internal88 : the 6.5 is just for replacing the gasket.

i am a diesel mechanic. how hard is this job?


i work on big trucks

internal88 : It is involved. Have you replaced a head gasket before? Or a timing belt?

yes to both

internal88 : Ok I will send you a diagram.

on hondas and toyotas

internal88 : Hold on
internal88 :
internal88 : Copy and paste the link.
internal88 : On a new browser
internal88 : If you have done head gasket and timing belt for a Honda or Toyota then the beetle will be similar .

ok thanks i will chat with you later

internal88 : You are welcome.
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