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Volkswagen Golf: I have a 1995 VW Golf. My turn signals do

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I have a 1995 VW Golf. My turn signals do not work. Does this require a special fuse? Can I buy fuses at any part store?
Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am at your service to assist with your VW problems. Welcome to Just Answer.

You can buy fuses at any spare part outlet or even at large DIY stores. I think that the flasher unit sounds faulty. This unit is part and parcel of the emergency flasher switch.
To test this:
Remove the emergency flasher switch and, with a multi meter set to volts, determine whether there is power on the black and white wire on terminal #7 when the ignition is on. The red and green wire on terminal #8 must have permanent power. Terminal #6, a brown wire, set the multi meter to ohms and read from a good point on the body to the end of the wire. There must be a zero-ohm reading, which will mean that you have a good, solid earth connection to the body. If these three wires test good it means that there is no fault with the wiring or fuses, but that the switch is faulty so, replace the switch.

I am sure this will solve your problem but should you require further assistance or information do not hesitate to ask.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Martin. Thank you for a great, detailed answer. before doing this, just a quick update. the emergency flashers work. Does this change the above troubleshooting?


Hello Heather,

It would change the answer a little in as far as the testing goes. There will obviously then be power on terminal #8, but on terminal #7 there could be a problem. You will still have to take out the switch and test to see if there is power on terminal #7. If there is no power then you might have to check fuse #2, a 10 amp fuse, in the fuse box that is located on the driver side of the dash board. The fuses are sequentially numbered from left to right, top to bottom. If there is no power, check that the fuse is alright, if that checks the fault could be in the wire from the fuse to the switch. If the is no power at the fuse then there could be a fault with the load-reduction relay situated on the thirteen-fold relay panel near the fuse box, but this relay controls more than just the indicators, so I really doubt whether the fault is there.

If, however, there is power on terminal #7 then check whether there is power on terminal #1 when the emergency flasher switch is switched off. If there is no power, replace the switch. If, however, there is power then the fault might lie with the left/right indicator switch on the steering column.

Should you need to go this far let me know and I will advise further.

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Hello Heather,

I trust that every thing is ok by now. Thank you for the positive rating and the bonus, I will take the wife for breakfast thank you.