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Chris VW Master Tech
Chris VW Master Tech, VW Technician
Category: VW
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my 2006..wont start..rocker seal gasket, the van was lying..ecu

Customer Question

i have been having trouble with my 2006 1.9 sdi caddy all year, basically what happens when i come out in the morning to start it it takes about five minutes to start and sometimes wont start at all it has even died on me while i was driving it and wouldn't start again and i would have to get it towed, so far i have changed the pump in the diesel tank and the fuel pump on the engine iv changed the fuel filter and i just changed the glow plugs today and the rocker seal gasket, the van was lying up for a while last year before i bought it from my dad and the only work he had done to it was changing the loom on the ecu, i don't really really know what to do next as i'm sure this will happen again, also fuse 32 keeps blowing on the engine fuse box but this isn't marked on the book i think its for the glow plugs as it hasn't blown since i changed them, any info would be great thanks in advance
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Chris VW Master Tech replied 5 years ago.

Chris VW Master Tech :

Hello and thankyou for using just answer. I suspect your issue lies with the injector seals, this is a common issue on these engines , what you will need to is remove all 4 injectors and check the side walls of the injectors for any scoring or wear, also you need to check the side walls of the cylinder head for scoring, this scoring and wear on the injector seals allows the fuel to drain back to the tank over night or when left standing for long periods of time, then you will have to crank vehicle over for long periods to draw fuel back up, abit like bleeding the fuel system out, if you find scoring on the cylinder head the only real proper fix for this is to replace the cylinder head, but if the cylinder head is ok you and the side walls of the injectors are ok then you will need an injector seal kit for each of the 4 injectors, replace the seals and copper washers and then refit all components , hope this helps Chris

JACUSTOMER-8m2x3xr3- :

thank u chris, can this also be the reason why its cut out on me while iv been driving it aswel

Chris VW Master Tech : Yes I'm afraid so, it's quite a common issue but it can be quite costly if the cylinder head requires replacing, so just be aware of what might need to be done, thanks Chris