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Volkswagen new beetle: how to adjust shifter linkage on 1999

Resolved Question:

how to adjust shifter linkage on 1999 beetle
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 5 years ago.

tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

is it an automatic?

tim's auto repair :

or a standard?



tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

give me just a second

tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

there are two types for this year

tim's auto repair :

i will send you instructions for both

tim's auto repair :

one more seond please

tim's auto repair :

Please ACCEPT my answer by clicking the accept button, so I can get credit for my work.i don't receive commission unless you do ..I'm not always going to be giving you good news,so please don't let this stand in the way of you accepting my does not cost you more money.we will still be able to communicate.please understand,i can not see,hear or touch the vehicle and only know what you tell me. Bonuses and positive feedback are appreciated!if you are not satisfied with my answer,please do not leave bad feed back,i will gladly opt out and let another expert handle the question.if i have sent any diagrams,please print them.they will only stay on here for an hour or so...sometimes you may need to right click the image,then save picture as]to save it to your computer so you can open it with your picture program...PLEASE ASK IF YOU NEED MORE HELP
tim's auto repair :

1999 Volkswagen New Beetle (1C1)
Shift Linkage Service and Repair, Procedures: 5 Speed Manual 02J, Selector Mechanism, Up to 05.99, Gear Selector Mechanism, Adjusting

5 Speed Manual 02J

Gear Selector Mechanism, Adjusting

Special tools

Full Size Image

- 3422 Shift lever Adjusting Fixture

Full Size Image

- 3192/1 Wedge


- The following points are essential to make sure correct selector adjustment:
- Moving parts of selector mechanism and transmission elements must be in proper condition.
- Selector mechanism must move freely.
- The transmission, clutch and clutch mechanism must also be in proper condition.

- Transmission in neutral position.

Full Size Image

- Carefully pry cover off center console (arrows).
- Pull cover to rear of center console.

Full Size Image

- Destroy clip (arrow) and pull gear lever knob off with cover.
- Pull rubber noise damper off gear lever.
- Obtain radio code on vehicles with coded radio.
- With ignition switched off disconnect battery ground strap.

Full Size Image

- Pull intake hose -1 - and connector -2-off air mass meter.
- Remove bolts -3-, -4- and -5-.
- Remove air cleaner complete.
- Remove balance weight.

Full Size Image

- Loosen bolt -A- and nut -B-, until gear selector cable and actuating arm/gate selector cable are free to move in elongated holes.

Full Size Image

- Loosen bolt -C-, pull off foam seal in area of bolt -C- if necessary.
- Insert gear lever jig.
- Swing jig securing hook under mounting plate and tighten nut -D-.
- Press gear lever into left-hand detent of sliding piece.
- Press gear lever together with sliding piece to left onto stop (direction of arrow) and tighten sliding piece with bolt -E-.

Full Size Image

- Press gear lever into right-hand detent (direction of arrow).
- Tighten bolt -C-.
- Insert wedge and pin.

Full Size Image

- Slide wedge between gear selector and selector cover plate, make sure there is no play.


- Wedge must not lift gear lever

- In this position secure gear selector cable and actuating arm/gate selector cable, when doing this, check position of wedge.
- Remove gear lever jig.
- Install balance weight ~4-7.
- Install gear lever knob and boot.

Functional check

The gear lever lever must rest in the 3rd/4th gear gate with transmission in neutral.

- Operate clutch.
- Select all gears several times. Pay particular attention to operation of reverse gear lock.
- Should a gear fail to engage smoothly after repeated selection, the selector shaft play (lift) should be checked as follows:
- Engage 1st gear.
- Press gear lever to left onto stop and release.
- At same time observe selector shaft in gear box (2nd mechanic).

Full Size Image

- When moving, gear selector lever shaft must move approx. 1 mm (in direction of arrow).

Full Size Image

- If not, disengage first gear and again loosen nut -A- for actuating arm/gate selector cable mounting. (The gate selector cable has a certain amount of play at mounting - due to transfer elements).
- Take up gate selector cable play, by lightly pressing mounting toward bulkhead (direction of arrow).
- Tighten nut -A- in this position.

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