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Chris VW Master Tech
Chris VW Master Tech, VW Technician
Category: VW
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Experience:  City & Guilds 1,2,3 Vw Master Tech cars&vans, VW Licence Tech
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VW phaeton: boot (trunk) auto powered..manually..locking..unlocking

Resolved Question:

Volkswagen VW Phaeton 5.0 V10 06. The boot (trunk) auto powered open and shut movements are now not functioning. They had "stuck" before which I could fix with fully opening manually, locking and unlocking with the key, blipping the key would then close on the boot lid button. Does not do this any more, manual (slow!) open and close only. Central Locking is OK, but boot shows open on dash display. Any ideas? Brian
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Chris VW Master Tech replied 5 years ago.

Chris VW Master Tech :

Hello and thankyou for using just answer. i would suspect from what you have explained that the boot latch is defective, this is a common fault on these , but to be really sure, the fault memory of the convience control module can be checked with a diag machine, if there is a defective latch or another fault causing this issue, this control module will have logged the fault, and this way we can be more sure of out diagnoses before we commit to purchasing , as i know the parts are not cheap for this vehicle ,hope this helps Chris


Hi Chris, Not sure if "plug a VagCom in and see what happens" constitutes an expert answer!


Sorry - it jumped a page! I have persevered and using some processes suggested by VWVortex forum I now have it fully functional again. Cannot be certain, but a members suggestion to try and reset with the other key fob might have been the thing that did the trick. Could be useful to know. I will accept and pay for your answer as you could be useful for future questions and I adhere to the spirit of this site. Do you have Phaeton training or VW/Audi only? I know there are Phaeton trained people but with only 3000 Phaetons in the US (and no V10s!) and only about 2000 in the UK (and only 122 V10 LWB models) such expertise is thin on the ground. Kind Regards XXXXX XXXXX Good New Year. Brian

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