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chrisEvw, VW Technician
Category: VW
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Experience:  my name is chris i have been working for VW for 9 years. I have a strong backround in heavy diagnostics.
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Volkswagen Passat 2.0T 2007 Passat oil changes. I found a

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2007 Passat oil changes. I found a filter kit for my vehicle and the proper oil for it as well. It appears there is a specialized tool to drain the oil. Is it available for sale to the general public? Where can I purchase it? How do you use it? Also, how is the oil filter removed? It looks like you have to change the filter element out of a housing. I change the oil in all of my other vehicles and I don't want to take this vehicle to our local dealer anymore. I am not impressed with the service.

chrisEvw : Hello again. How's the car treating you?
chrisEvw : You really don't need the special tool. All you need is a t-25 torx, a 19mm wrench or socket and you need a 36mm socket. The tool just makes it less messy. The 36mm socket will unscrew the oil filter housing. Once the Housing is removed the filter just pulls out. Just be careful with the new oil filter housing gasket if not installed correctly it will leak.
chrisEvw : They do sell the tools on eBay for @ $37. It's really just a drain tube to drain the filter housing before removing it so you make less mess. But if you do uSe the tool make sure to use a pair of needle nose pliers to make sure the drain valve is fully seated in the closed position because they don't Always close fully when removing the tool and again this will cause a leak.
chrisEvw :

Car is running great! I talked to the Sevice Manager knowing full well that it would accomplish nothing. But, I really needed to let him know that I wasn't happy with their work. This is my wife's car and I detailed it for her after I got it running. It looks brand new. I found about fifteen items either missing, loose or damaged by the service department. I understand that everyone makes mistakes. But, I also don't expect that every time work is done on my car there should be an issue. I worked in Quality Control at Toyota in Georgetown, KY building Camry's, Avalon's, Solara's, Sienna's and Venza's for twenty years. I was the primary inspector for every single Avalon that went out the door on second shift for two years. So I know one or two things about cars. But, the manager at this local VW dealership just doesn't really care about customers. This is the reason I will be doing my own oil changes for now on. Also, how do you reset the service reminder? Thanks for the info!

chrisEvw : Sorry to hear that. The service reminder is easy.
chrisEvw : Ignition off hold down wrench button switch ignition on press 0.0 button. Hold the wrench button the whole time.
Customer: Sounds good. Thanks for your help.
chrisEvw : Your welcome. Oh if you don't have the 0.0 button then use the "min" button.
chrisEvw : I'm sorry I messed up. Use the "min" button not the "0.0" button
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