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2000 VW: bolt and allen wrench is used..timing belt tensioner..turbo

Customer Question

what size bolt and allen wrench is used on the timing belt tensioner of a 2000 VW turbo beetle?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 5 years ago.

tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

this may help

tim's auto repair :

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tim's auto repair :

2000 Volkswagen Beetle L4-1781cc 1.8L Turbo (APH)
Timing Belt Tensioner Service and Repair, Procedures

Toothed belt, removing, installing and tensioning

Full Size Image

Special tools, workshop equipment, test and measuring appliances and aux. items required
^ 10-222A Engine support bracket with 1 0-222A/8 adapter
^ 3180 Retainer (for turbocharged engines)
^ T10092 Tensioning bolt
^ T40011 Locking pin
^ VAG1331 Torque wrench (5 to 50 Nm)
^ V A G 1332 Torque wrench (40 to 200 Nm)
^ D 000 600 A2 Locking fluid

- Note safety precautions before starting work
- Observe rules for cleanliness.
- Remove engine cover.
- Remove right-hand insulation tray.

Full Size Image

- Remove air duct to charge air cooler at bottom right of long member.
- Remove ribbed belt
- Remove tensioning element for ribbed belt.
Engine installed:

Full Size Image

- Turn crankshaft to TDC No. 1 cylinder (vehicles with manual transmission).

Full Size Image

- Turn crankshaft to TDC No.1 cylinder (vehicles with automatic transmission).
With engine removed:

Full Size Image

- Turn vibration damper to TDC No. 1 cylinder -arrows-.
- Remove coolant expansion tank and place to side.
- Pull off vacuum pipes at EVAP canister and at throttle valve housing.
- Remove toothed belt guard (upper part).

Full Size Image

- Install engine support bracket 1 0-222A with legs 10-222A/1.
- Locate bracket 3180 in lifting eye on cylinder head and take-up weight of engine.

Full Size Image

- Remove securing bolts from assembly mount engine mount, assembly mount/body and assembly mount/body mount -arrows- and remove assembly mount complete.

Full Size Image

- Remove vibration damper/belt pulley.
- Remove lower and center toothed belt guard.

Full Size Image

- Remove engine bracket from cylinder block.

Note: When loosening the front engine mount bolt the engine must be raised slightly with the support bracket.

- Mark direction of rotation of toothed belt.

Full Size Image

- Screw tensioning bolt T10092 into toothed belt tensioning element.
- Align pressure piston using pointed pliers or wire before tensioning (hole in pressure piston must align with hole in housing).
- Tension piston of tensioning element just enough that the piston can be locked with locking pin T40011.
- Remove toothed belt.
- Turn crankshaft back slightly.


Note: When turning the camshaft the crankshaft must not be at TDC (danger of damage valves/piston crown).

A - Toothed belt completely removed
If toothed belt has only been removed from camshaft.

^ The pistons must not be positioned at TDC

Full Size Image

Work sequence
- Bring mark on camshaft in line with the mark on cylinder head cover.
- Place toothed belt on crankshaft sprocket (observe direction of rotation).
- Fit engine mount to cylinder block.
Tightening torque: 45 Nm

Note: Before installing engine mount, insert bolts into mount.

- Install lower part of toothed belt guard. (Insert securing bolts with locking fluid "D 000 600 A2".).
Tightening torque: 10 Nm
- Secure vibration damper/belt pulley with one bolt (note fixing arrangement).

Full Size Image

- Turn crankshaft to TDC No. 1 cylinder.
- Install toothed belt onto coolant pump, tensioning roller and camshaft sprocket.
- Tighten toothed belt.

Full Size Image

B - Toothed belt only taken off camshaft sprocket
- Bring mark on camshaft in line with the mark on cylinder head cover.
- Turn crankshaft to TDC No. 1 cylinder.
- Install toothed belt onto camshaft sprocket.
- Tighten toothed belt.

Full Size Image

Tensioning toothed belt
- Tension toothed belt by pulling out locking pin T40011 and removing tensioning bolt T10092.
- Turn crankshaft two full turns and check whether camshaft and crankshaft marks align with their reference points.
- Install vibration damper/belt pulley
Tightening torque: 25 Nm
- Install center part of toothed belt guard. (Insert securing bolts with locking fluid D 000 600 A2).
Tightening torque: 10 Nm
- Install upper toothed belt guard.
- Install aggregate mount and engine mount.
- Install ribbed belt tensioner.
Tightening torque: 25 Nm
- Install ribbed belt.
- Install air duct to charge air cooler at bottom right of long member.
- Install right-hand insulation tray

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