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Golf: engine turns over but wont start..10 minutes..fires

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Golf mkIV starts sometimes but randomly not others. Can run for two weeks fine, take a short trip, stop, go to start it up again and engine turns over but won't start. Wait 10 minutes and it fires up. Is it the Solenoid?


I've checked the wiring and can't find any problems, battery okay, fuel supply okay.

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Does it crank when it wont start??
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, it cranks when it won't start.
Do you have fuel to the injectors when this happens?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

There is fuel in the fuel line that feeds the injector pump.

How about the fuel injector themselves by loosening the 17 mm on the injector ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I haven't had a look. The trouble is that the problem is becoming less frequent, for example once a week, and there is less opportunity to do this.

Any faults in the ECM ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No idea, I don't have access to a diagnostic machine. The next step is to approach VW if I can't fix the problem, but they will charge £80 just to plug the car into the diagnostic machine. My dilemma is spending cash on the car to keep it going for another 6 months or scrapping it. If there are components that I should take a look at, other than the fuel injection system, ECM then advice will be greatfully received.


The problem started after I left the car to stand for two weeks and it wouldn't crank. There was a lot of air in the fuel system but I had to replace the fuel filter a couple of weeks before becasue it split and I suspect that it still hadn't pushed all the air out. However, I had to jump start it becasue I ran the battery down trying to crank the engine. Usually I put the neg cable onto the engine block but with this car it didn't work so I basically jumped it terminal to terminal. The manual says not to do this because it can impact on the ECM.



Honestly more then likely there is air in the lines, we have seen this issue a lot in the past when air gets in the system it will cause this issue. I recommend you bleed the system at the injectors while someone is cranking the vehicle crack them all open one by one and close each injector nut with a 17 mm wrench when each one gets fuel coming out of it try this see if it helps . If the issue continues then you will need to check the faults in the engine control module. I hope this helps.

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